Choice of crank. Opinions please. KCNC or SRAM?

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by stein

I've used both cranksets and you can't really compare them. The KCNC is really good looking and works quite fine, but it is designed primarely to be a lightweight crankset and it has a bit of flex. If you want to put some power to the pedals on your hill climbing I would defenately go for the SRAM. You can loose some weight on the chainrings, but with the bottom bracket, it's probably only possible to shave a few grams by using ceramic bearings. And it will probably ruin your budget too.
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by stevec1975

1415chris wrote:Can you give more clue how to find the seller with these cranks in this price?

Bay seller joeyangair2010. Price is currently £226 (priced in USD so fluctuates with exchange rate)

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