Orange FM028

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by BobSantini

mcrdave wrote:I see what you mean geoff, i tried to come up with something meaningful to me - 'Nostrum' roughly translated means 'unknown quantity' which i felt buying an ebay frame kinda was.

Gee I thought it was "nostrum" in the sense of "panacea". That seems more appropriate to me.
That's one of the nicest graphics I've seen on a bike.

@ Geoff: I like the orange though. It's gorgeous. You'll have to get some Euskaltel kit to go with it.
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by geoff56

Not sure about Euskaltel-Euskadi, they're a bit ....


a few updates

the KCNC seat post collar is pants, after breaking the heads off a couple of bolts trying to keep it tight I realised it wasn't machined square and replaced it with a Thomson. Torqued to 2nm and the post hasn't moved since.

The SLR Kit Carbonio Flow broke near the front of the cut out bit on the top (I wasn't exaggerating about breaking seats and seat posts, it's embarrassing) and was replaced under warranty. Went for the no cut out version - maybe will be a bit tougher. Still love this saddle, just hope the lack of cut out doesn't have adverse consequences in the gentlemen's plumbing department

Replaced the Dura Ace cassette with Ultegra (for once was thinking rationally and couldn't justify 3x the price).

Went for the gold KMC version for bling. Funnily enough gold doesn't go that well with orange, back to silver next time (realistically dirty black after about 5 minutes)

Still not sure about the KCNC brakes - they work, but I just know that a panic stop in the wet will end in tears. The best I can say is that you don't need to worry about locking up the back wheel. Next time I have a few spare $ I think I'll replace them with the latest SRAM Red calipers. I know this probably isn't the best sales pitch ever but if you're planning on buying the KCNCs let me know and we'll work something out

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by prendrefeu

Very nice.
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by austke

+1 love the orange, and I also prefer the frame without logo's, give a very clean look!

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by Calpol

I have been inspired by this build and have order an FM029 in a shade of Orange/red to build up as a winter/2nd bike. Ummm and ahhhed for weeks but have finally sent Dengfu my money. A bit nervous as to the paint finish they will achieve but have asked them to photograph it before despatch. Hopefully I can build something approaching as good as this one.
thanks for posting.

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by michel2

Love your work!
Those dura ace wheels are an excellent pick !

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