Veloflex Extreme

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by CippoForLife

Bottom line is they are very similar in terms of wear.
Vittoria would have the edge with their Pave series, but the Extreme vs Corsa CX are close to equal.
I think the Veloflex tires ride nicer but might be just a shade softer in terms of durability.

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by fdegrove


but the Extreme vs Corsa CX are close to equal.

IMO these two tyres just don't compare. As far as wear goes this may be correct where you're riding. Over here the EVO is just no good so there's no point in even using it.

Add to that that the Extreme/Sprinter are true race day tyres being the successor of the well reputed Servizio Corse. They're also quite a bit lighter than the Vitto EVO as well.
For some odd reason it also turns out to be Veloflex's harshest tyre IME.

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by durianrider

Every tyre I ride I ride into the canvas.

Veloflex get the thumbs up from me for a light durable tyre. Not as durable as the Conti 4000s though.

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by UpFromOne

got your money's worth there, my friend! :D

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by skinnywellfed

@ Durianrider,
could you comment on traction characteristics for the Veloflex in the 'wet'?

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