New Pedals, going from Dura Ace 7800

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by ave

>Shimano cleats will typically outlast the Look cleats 3:1
I'm over 20 000 km on my Keo Grip cleats. (2.5 years) I doubt SPD SL would last 3 times this much.

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by maxxevv

You're probably riding in pretty ideal conditions : very little walking required, almost no traffic stops, perfect weather generally? :thumbup:

Most Keo cleats don't make it pass 6~9 months in typical city centric housing locations that have plenty of traffic stops in my area. Most SPD-SL cleats last in the 12-24 months range as far as the local bike shops/riders feedback go. Like for like usage, the typical difference still stands in terms of durability. Except that in such (ideal )prolonged use, chances are the plastics deteriorate and fall apart before their wear rate differences can be told.

My own Shimano pair has lasted me about 25 months and its still got another ~30-40% life left. :beerchug:

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by ksroadie

Nothing but praise for Dura Ace pedals after years on Speedplays. Bomb proof and solid platform, long lasting and squeak free cleats. Might also check out this video clip on the Look Blades before deciding. Guessing its not the norm, but was my unfortunate experience with the Blades. ... Yahli5BC9A" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;
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by Rick

you don't need to quote the above post!

I second all of that. I switched from SP to DA about a month ago. They are more secure and silent, at the expense of +40 grams and slightly more fiddly clip-in.
The numerous reports of blade cracks scared me away from the Looks also when making the decision.

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by mann2

using the blade ti. just serviced it myself and pumped grease inside. works like a charm after 2 years.

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