SRAM XX spider chainrings compatible with non spider crank?

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by 02GF74

... yet another SCRAM XX related post

Will the SRAM chainrings that fit on the spider fit onto a SRAM crank? (the rings do look very similar to my untrained eye)

The spider I refer to is this:

And SRAM one piece crank I refer to is:

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by cerro

No, can't change spider on a XX. Just X.0 and X.9, maybe also X.7
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by 02GF74

sorry, not sure my question was clear - I am asking if the rings taken off the spider will fit onto the crank? (spider is thrown away)

surely as a manufacturer you would design spider and crank to take one type of ring instead of designing 2 different types of ring???? so I am hoiping somebody has tried this andthe answer being yes :)

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by damond


As long as the rings have the same BCD they will fit. As on the pictures you show, both rings are XX (120/80 BCD) so they will fit on that specialized spider as well as they will fit on a XX cranks.

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by scott_racer

Just be careful with the 'chain drop' pin on the big ring. There are 3 lengths for BB30, GXP and Cannondale cranks.
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by tompho

If both rings (inner an outer) have the same BCD (120/80), you can put in XX crankset.

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