Washing Cycling Shoes

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by Colnago68

Tip: For the first time ever, I did a full load of Sidi shoes yesteday in the dishwasher. It worked great with no issues. However, I don't recommend letting your wife know (unless she rides a bike) ... mine was very annoyed.

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by NWSAlpine

Remember to disable any heat dry though. Might melt some shoes :)

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by djm

I just spray stain remover on the shoes after a wet ride and then let them soak for a while until I clean them with a wet rag. Turned my gray White Sidis enviably white agan and again :-)

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Zen Cyclery
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by Zen Cyclery

Good to hear that it worked. Another good tip to keep shoes clean and comfy is some foot powder. I put some in every ride and my shoes feel more locked to place. Its super nice, especially on those hotter days.

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by KH1

Has anyone ever washed their shoes in a washing machine? I was thinking you colud wrap them in a towel and stick the towel in a washing bag to stop all the thumping and bashing that would go on.
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by stella-azzurra

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by uraqt

KH1 I wouldn't wash them in the machine, I think sidi says wipe clean only

I have washed my sidi a few times in the washing machine, I am sure that it is not good for them... they are extra soft compared to new ones and I think the lining around the heel cup failed because of it. That said they are around 15 years old so I should really complain and they fit like a glove. I am sure that they will last another 5 or 10 years, unless I crash or loose them :)

I just used a little super glue to keep the heel lining from getting worse..


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by deltree


I pretty much use this method, except on my Bonts, which take forever to dry.

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by Rick

I just wash mine with mild soap and a brush, rinse thoroughly, and set over a heat vent overnight. I do this 3-4 times per year or whenever I get caught by some mud or dirty rainwater. Doesn't bother Specialized S-Works shoes a bit.

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by cerro

KH1 wrote:Has anyone ever washed their shoes in a washing machine?

I'm putting my Mavicshoes in the washing machine, works great. But my Sidi Ergo 3 I wouldn't, feels like the leather is a bit more fragile so there I do as Rick when it's needed.
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