Assos Zegho Sunglasses

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by xrs2

Yes, I bought them. Now I've reviewed them. ... hotostream" onclick=";return false;

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by sedluk

I bought some and did not like the way they sat on my nose. It was uncomfortable so I returned them.

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by Arnoud

You can adjust the nose piece, to adjust the fit. I do like mine (I have 3) but do like to vary them with my Oakleys as well. I would conlude: vision is like HD television on a big widescreen TV. Looks are "special", fit is especially on no hear heads very good, they are very light which may give the feeling that you may loose them. Trust them and don't listen to your Cycling buddies about how you look ;-)

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by keith

Price is ridiculous in my opinion, no prescription option either.
Riding my road bike in North Wales

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by poppiholla

The Zegho is a fantastic piece of kit. I like them a lot. I have the Werksmannschaft and I am saving for the amplify model. I also use an Oakley Jawbone. Great glasses as well but the Zegho has a better view and I do not feel them at all when I am wearing them.

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by Chris_W

I did a test ride with a display pair of the Zegho glasses and hated them. The biggest problem was that the lenses are excessively large - it was a hot day, and they blocked all the cooling air that would have normally been hitting my lower forehead. Plus, they look really stupid. Regarding their dark to light tint fade - I prefer my photochromatics, because when the light starts to fade then I want the main part of the glasses to lighten up.

I work in a bike shop that is a MASSIVE Assos dealer and I'm starting to like their products less and less all the time - their bib-less shorts suck, the pad is in the wrong place (I don't like bibs, so can't comment on that version) and the pad is too thick, so they're really uncomfortable when off the bike. The rest of their stuff is so specific to certain conditions, I prefer more practical and versatile clothing, so I always choose models from other brands. I don't like selling stuff that I wouldn't use myself, but the boss is not interested in stocking much other clothing.

Assos does use extremely high quality materials, and it's all really well made, it's just not the kind of stuff that I want to wear.

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by poppiholla

I think they look the bomb! The Zegho is not meant for everybody, I guess. It is the same that not everybody can wear a large watch. When you have a tiny wrist it looks silly to wear a big diving watch. I guess that is the same thing with the Zegho. In other words you need a big head. :-)
If you look at performance and view the Zegho is really really nice. I do realize that the Zegho is expensive but price is relative and a Jawbone is also expensive (in the Netherlands). If you search well the Zegho can be found cheaper then Assos webshop prices. I think the price is worth it.

I am totally in love with Assos clothing. I only wear Assos or Castelli. I think that Assos and Castelli are each others competitors. I like Assos a little bit better. I don't agree on your opinion about Assos and my experience is that it is awsome clothing and fit. It is expensive but I think you get what you pay for, but I can imagine that it is not for everybody.

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by yongkun

Assos clothings are the bomb. Nuff said.

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by poppiholla

XRS2 wrote:

Best cycling purchase 2012

Yeah, I know I look like Bono when I'm wearing these, but they are far superior to any other cycling-specific eyewear I've ever tried. I went through 3 rounds of buy-and-returns trying to find the perfect pair this time, and finally just gave in and bought these to try. There was no risk because I bought them from a shop that allows no-questions-asked returns.

1. They fit beautifully and without causing the ear pain that I often get after 8 or 10 hours on the bike when wearing glasses that hook behind the ears.

2. The lenses have zero distortion, regardless of what angle you look through them. All other sunglasses I've tried--even expensive ones--create at least some distortion, particularly at the margins.

3. The lenses fit perfectly over the eyes to create a little airflow--not enough to dry your eyes, but enough to keep them from steaming up in cold weather.

4. The yellow tint makes everything clearer, including at night.

5. The strap is useful, as I ride rough roads that can dislodge my glasses (RIP Rudy Project!)

6. The lenses seem to be covered in a hydrophobic coating, because they shed water immediately; it may also just be that the shape encourages the water to run off the sides rapidly. In any case, I've ridden with them in several downpours now and it's a big change from all of the many sunglasses I've tried.

7. The transition from tint to almost clear is abrupt. Not a big deal with the yellow tint, but I can see where it might come in handy with the darker lenses when you're riding on a sunny day through shadows. Very smart.

It's not often that a product comes along that so clearly improves the riding experience. I honestly don't care what people think about Assos...these sunglasses were designed from the ground up for cycling, and it shows. They are the best cycling purchase of 2012 for me. Now I just have to convince others to pony up so I don't look like an idiot.

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by mrfish

Obviously they are great glasses, but I'd rather not spend more on a few grammes of plastic than I spent on my first racing bike.

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by poppiholla


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by Stolichnaya

Nothing says " I am a Eurotrash DB" more than a pair of Zegho sunglasses...
Which is an odd opinion for me to bear as I believe Assos clothing in general blows away the competition.
But, man, they really missed the mark on this item of kit.

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by poppiholla

I don't agree. I think you will get used to it. When Oakley came out with the Jawbone years ago, some people thought that those glasses look silly. Now everybody is used to jawbones.
Maybe you will not like the Zegho after all, but it will be normal looking glasses in the years to come. :beerchug:
by the way; to me they are looking normal all ready, but I am lucky that the zegho looks great on me. :mrgreen:


Something likes this.

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by Mario Jr.

Yuk! :frightened:

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by poppiholla

:mrgreen: :no1:

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