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KWalker wrote:Had he not been so affable I doubt people would really care about him the same way that they do. Its the same as if Hoogerland had never hit that fence and finished afterwards in a way.

A most salient point. Voigt is larger than life... and his palmares. Hoogerland barely has a palmares (harsh but true in the context of a well known pro). They are simply affable characters of cycling first and foremost.

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by jmilliron

Yup, I love Jens interviews.
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by KWalker

I'm going to be honest, the main reason I like Jens is that he seems pumped to be racing his bike and really enjoys what he does. I hate seeing pros finish races and stages and look unhappy, but Voigt can cross the line 5th out of a 5 man break and still be amped.
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by maquisard

Exactly, I love this video of him leading Schleck and Contador up the Madeleine in 2010. He was in the break, is then caught by the leaders and paces Schleck up the climb, completely destroying himself. The best bit is at the end of the video when he completely runs out of gas, is dropped and virtually stops.


A pretty good demonstration of the difference between the power profiles of a grand tour winner and a rouleur like Jens. He can maintain the same power output as them on a climb, but only for a short time, then it is lights out. Schleck and Contador have been riding that pace from the bottom of the Madeleine.

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by petal666

Jeremy Hunt on one of the Shimano demo bikes at the Noosa Tri Crit. I thought it was a Canyon at first when I saw him out riding earlier, but it isn't.


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by record

Pinarello aero frame prototype?
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by petal666

record wrote:Pinarello aero frame prototype?
No, they had heaps of these frames at the Shimano demo stand.

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by Monkeyboy3333

petepeterson wrote:The optimism of most cycling fans never ceases to amaze!

Sums this up perfectly....

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by geraldatwork

kevinkalis wrote:Tyler Hamilton making more accusations, this time about Jens Voigt.


Don't know if this has been posted. Just saw this in Bicyling Magazine.
http://bicycling.com/blogs/hardlyseriou ... ent-times/
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by prendrefeu

Jens Voigt is like no other. :thumbup:

ps: I read the entire article as if he was saying it. How could I not?
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by CamW

petal666 wrote:Jeremy Hunt on one of the Shimano demo bikes at the Noosa Tri Crit. I thought it was a Canyon at first when I saw him out riding earlier, but it isn't.


Sorry to quote the picture but I'm pretty sure its this: http://www.avantibikes.com/nz/bikes/roa ... -frameset/

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by ultyguy

Jens clean or not clean, he certainly knew it was going on (and I believe probably took something pre-1998)

Jorge Jaksche 2007 interview...

Three days before the start of the Tour de France in 1998, a masseuse on the Festina team was stopped at the French-Belgian boarder at Dublin. His car was full of EPO ampoules and other such preparations. The news reached Dublin, where teams were readying themselves for the Tour.

Jaksche: At first I thought: What are they so upset about? Everyone’s got it with them, isn’t this normal? What’s the problem? No one liked doping, not Stanga nor Riis, but in the world that we were living in, there was no feeling of wrong-doing. But, of course the situation was uncomfortable, and then of course as the Tour progressed, we were all scared of being pulled over by the police because of their anti-doping laws. I asked Jens Voigt, rider in the then Gan-team what his team does. Voigt says: One of our riders suggested burying stashes along the route. We felt like little mini-gangsters. One of our team members had the idea to hide the EPO in a double-bottomed vacuum that we carried with us on Tour. Polti, our sponsor, is a household appliance manufacturer, after all. We fit 10,000 ampoules into this vacuum including cooling packs. I just went into the bus after each stage and gave myself a shot. During the Tour, the regiment was 2,000 units every other day EPO with an additional growth hormone in order to regenerate faster, and insulin to help store carbs better. After ten or twelve days I quit this, the risk of getting caught was just too high.

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by Kjetil

Hunt on clinchers, or is it tubeless? Good grief! :mrgreen:

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by Geoff

He's holidaying on a borrowed bike! Give him a break!

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