Trek 5500 <14lbs for <$1400

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by craciunptr

awesome bike dude ! i am building a similar project lurking on ebay for best deals :) got my extralite seatpost for 20$

by Weenie

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by dcj9

remarkable effort, considering the cost :thumbup:

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by 2002maniac

Thanks for the kind words dcj9, your 5200 build was one of my inspirations for this project.

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by nigel379

An easy way to drop almost 30 grams is to switch the chainring from the Salsa to a Sram 42t (tt) ring. I use it on my cross bike bc they are cheap and very light. With a chain catcher it doesn't matter that it is an inner ring. BTW nice build. Very unique.

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by 2002maniac

Yes, that salsa ring was a bit heavy. I'm now running a 48t Stronglight ring but will probably switch to a double setup soon as I am am going to be racing this bike and don't want to get dropped on fast decents.

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by edesigner

New to the forum and I have to say that looks super sweet. I love the brakes. I will be giving my '98 Vortex a makeover for racing season next year. I might consider those.

Question and as a designer I couldn't help but ask. Since you found a Trek. Wouldn't it be cool to put a decal or two on it? Something vintage would look tight on that ride of yours. Occupational hazard so excuse my ocd on things like this. :)


Again very cool build!

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by victorduraace

Do some STIs on them, won't be too much weight penalty but highly increase the comfort

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by mrfish

Nice build, and I like the honesty of pricing it all up and building a bike within a financial constraint.

Yes of course you must continue stripping off the unnecessary varnish and decals. A possible next step would be a fixed gear hillclimb bike, or going in the other direction to put back ergo shifting.

But at some point there is a trade-off between trading parts on ebay and other money creation options like working, so I'd not spend too much time on ebay unless it remains fun.

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