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by Geoff

Here is a peice on Francois Marie that I posted in the tubular gluing thread. I subsequently thought it might prove interesting to those who don't regularly stop there, too: ... hop-35668/

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by boysa

Thanks! I've splurged on FMB a few times, and they truly are wonderful.
"Deserve's got nothing to do with it." William Munny

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Samuel Sanchez Gonzalez
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by Samuel Sanchez Gonzalez

Such a nice man.

He used to be my team trainer when I was 15.

He gave up his job and had to put his family aside** to start living from his passion. So proud to see where he is now.

Kudos François.

PS: ** bravely, not cowardly :smartass:

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by cerro

Beautiful tires that works perfect. Love them. Quality.
/jonas l (my cyclingblog)

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