TRP R970SL upgrade over Sram Red.

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by itsacarr ... 3&subcat=0

Buy them off the site if you like.

That story above has been around for a while and as always there are two sides to the coin. Buy what works for you.

I have a set or two for sale if you didn't want to hock out 5-600 dollars - let me know.

Otherwise - the brakes work great with the difference in action being mostly how the brake modulates. The power is really at the end of the pull versus the beginning. So it gradually gets stiffer - which is by design. If you like the feel of shimano or sram they obviously have there alu anodized models that respond that way. Either way - some cool color and bling to add to a nice bike :)

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by redhed18

iscarrr wrote:Slight grave dig here - but does anyone know where to buy the newer updated version of this brake, the R970EQ, online?
A year has passed and these still seem very hard to track down online. A couple on ebay, but only white with red decals, 2011 i think?

Agreed, I got a set on eBay... seems to be the best place, particularly for the price.

My set are matte black R970EQ's - finished exactly like the R979's - pretty sure they were taken off a BMC Impec...
(the 2012, Sram Red model - ... m_red.html )

Don't know why TRP doesn't make those available, since it's not like they are going to steal sales of R979's being totally different ratios.
(maybe if you contact TRP and ask really nicely - mind you their online pricing is stupid high)

They are really nice brakes - sorta wish I hadn't given them to my wife! ;-)

There's a pair of gloss black R970EQ's on ebay now with some hideous S-Works logos.

seller gsoma340
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by lechat

I snagged a pair of the S-Works ones on eBay for $65 ( 2 min old BIN listing) was tempted to keep them, but they were a lot heavier than TRP lists. Seemed like the hdwe. was steel. If you look at the pr. on eBay you'll see what I mean.
Anyway, I sold them for $275 and got some KCNCs + some other goodies!

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by redhed18

Interesting... my set weighed 238g.
they were listed as "Magnesium"

TRP specs say the R970EQ should be 228g (114g each)
for brakes that good looking, I really didn't care about 10g [sacrilege]

Maybe those Specialized ones are really the R870 or similar OEM variant
which would be around 280g for a pair
(although if you check that auction, they say Magnesium right on them)
who knows... maybe the hardware isn't Ti.

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by EightFiveTwo

why not just go with the ee brakes?

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by excremanwu

I haven't tried it on road

but when we pull the lever on the show bike, my friend took these photo

before adding force


They may not be able to show it clearly, but we did note that the gap become larger after adding force.

I dun think change from Red to it is an upgrade.

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by lechat

They were magnesium 970s. but with steel hdwe. not much lighter than the 920s they would have replaced.
As far as flex. I'm sure they all move some. = modulation. They're all the brake you'll need in the stopping dept.

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