Kcnc Titanium cables actual weights

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by madcow

Just got a few sets of these to test and so far so good. The coating is super slick and the cable moves nicely in housing. Weights were of course we're impressive.

Pictures on my facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid= ... =1&theater

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by Pharmstrong

Nice. I'm interested to hear about their longevity, particularly with the front derailleur.

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by artray

Im using the coloured KCNC inner cables . [The ones that come in loads of colours] with Nokon.
And they work really well . These are next .

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by odin99

any idea of cost?

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by 2002maniac

Any idea what the price will be like? They very look promising.

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by runner999

RE: Price, I'm guessing about $90-100 USD for a pair of either brake or shifter cables. Am I right?

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by oysters

Whoah, thats pricey! Think I'll stick with Powercordz.

I'm assuming that, given the diameter of the titanium cables is the same as standard steel ones to fit inside regular housings, the titanium cables won't be as strong in terms of raw strength. Though, Titanium's extra resistance to fatigue might come in handy, particularly around normal stress points such as in the shifter where cables often break around the tight bends...?

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by mrfish

Someone is having a laugh with the price. Powercordz are $37 for brake or gear cables with an extra cable for free on the brake cables.

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by fdegrove


Quite likely it will stretch more than regular steel cables but hey, it's lighter. :mrgreen:

Ciao, ;)
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by konky

Mrfish they are Ti and at under 20 grams for a set of brake cables very light indeed for metal. I think they will be mostly used for V brakes that generally have to use metal cord as synthetic can slip.
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by maxxevv

Interesting stuff indeed. Thanks for sharing Jason. :thumbup:

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by WMW

oysters wrote:the titanium cables won't be as strong in terms of raw strength.

They can be just as strong... it is the stiffness that is lower for Ti. Stiffness and density are both ~60% that of steel.
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by Cheers!


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by fdegrove


If it weren't for the high price tag that accompanies anything Ti it would have been used long before now. As a material it certainly is more than adequate.

Makes you wonder when someone is going to hit the market with carbon fibre cables.They do exist as generic cables, it's fitting the ends to it that's the hard part. Similar to Powercordz actually.

Any guinea pigs going to try these Ti cables? :P

Ciao, ;)
Being a snob is an expensive hobby.

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