Cervelo R5 VWD - What's it like ?

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by roadiesean

Hi guys,

I am thinking of picking one of these up as they are bargain bucket at the moment. But I've never ridden one, don't really need a new frame, but have always fancied a Cervelo !

So, in short, I'm after some thinking on them, I'm late 40's ride 10-15,000km per year, half dozen plus sportives and a 2 week tour somewhere sunny, hilly and warm once a year, also race (but less so these days) and have a quiver which includes a Moots Vamoots RSL, Look 585 Team - the one that CA rode (which would likely be replaced by the Cervelo), a CAAD 7 Cannondale and a Pinarello Prince (scandium with carbon ONDA rear end). I've had everything over the years including half a dozen Cannondales of varying types, Colnago C50, C40, Master Olympic and Tecnos (only one I really didn't like was the C50, just felt disconnected to the road).

I'm a pretty big guy at 85kg and a strong "rouleur" type rider who puts out some decent power in the prints, but mountains are an opportunity to check out the scenery !

So, whats the consensus ? Worth having a crack at ?

Cheers and happy trails this weekend guys !

Sean :beerchug:

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by konky

The R5 is an incredible frame and this half price deal is one of the best, if not the best, you'll ever find. Buy one before they sell out. It's an absolute no brainer.

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by cunn1n9

Just bought an r5ca for a good deal. The vwd would have been a smarter $ choice but just loved the blackout look and the fact it is so rare etc.

Anyhow the r5 is in my opinion an almost unbelievable combo of stiffness lightness and smoothness.

I really can't see how they can be significantly improved on from here although with cervelo's engineering prowess I am sure they will. The question is by how much? I think it will be very small margins so will be riding mine for many years I hope.

I would buy it if you want my opinion. I think it is a cut above all other frames and is true engineering rather than the marketeering of many other manufacturers

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by spandexboy817

I have to agree with the positive feedback so far. I love my r5 and am in similar size and riding style to you (180 lbs cat 1 'rouler' type rider). It's not my team bike, but the ride stiffness and quality is very impressive. My only complaint is the head tube is insanely long, but I am guessing the fit works for more people than not. If the price is half off, I would pull the trigger asap.

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