Look 585 or CAAD 10 frame for me?

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by Ahillock

I am looking for a new frame. Want to spend around $1000 +/- $100. Want something that is comfortable, lively, great handling, stiff and something I will keep for a long time. Narrowed it down to these two partly due to budget and secondarily based on reputation. Both of these frames seem to do the job.

I have had a chance to test ride a CAAD 10 which is brilliant and I enjoyed it. Have yet to ride a 585 since there aren't any for sale around me. But I assume it will be very similar if not slightly better because of the lugged carbon fiber design.

So any thoughts between the two? The Look is such a classic looking frame. The differences I can think of:

Look 585:

- Carbon frame
- More unique/rare
- Great reputation as frame

- Used
- No warranty
- No BB30

CAAD 10:

- New frame with warranty
- BB30
- Very comfortable and surprisingly cheap for what you get

- Very common bike
- Might not be as comfortable as a lugged carbon frame

Any other thoughts? At the moment I am leaning towards the 585, even though it is used.

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by Monkeyboy3333

I guess it comes down to main purpose, i dont race but if i did i would go caad as like the idea of metal beneath me if i stack it! Probably an ill founded belief that it will survive better than carbon, i am sure i will stand corrected. That said i have always hankered after a look, for the same reasons i like bianchis...just soemthing about them. Caad to race, look for leisure.

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by Ahillock

Thanks mate. I have had some of the same thoughts. This frame will be used for group rides, leisure rides, centuries...etc. I have found the CAAD to be a great frame when I test rode it, however there is something about Look frames. I can't explain it. I have just been drawn to them. I don't expect any issues to take place with a Look frame, so I'm not sure how important a warranty is.

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by audiojan

I'm quite biased... have a Look 595, a Look 586 and a Look 596Tri... yes, I do love my Looks!

The 585 will be very similar to the 595, minus the Epost (which btw. is working just as amazing as advertised!). The handling is superb (really decends like on track), it's still enough to climb well as well as contest the town line sprint (which I'm certain how group rides will have often enough), but is also comfortable enough for centuries. I completely agree with you... there's something about Look bike that just "communicates" with you.

I've also ridden a CAAD9 (which I know is not exactly the same as the CAAD10...), and though a good bike, I'm not certain I would pick this bike if I had comfort in mind. It's not bad mind you, but not the superb ride of the Look....
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roca rule
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by roca rule

As a look owner (595) I concur; Look frames are very singular.

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by OrPe

Currently Riding a 595 ultra, and have ridden a bit on a 585.
no experience on a CAAD.

I would, with no hesitation, go for the LOOK.
Great ride & comfort, very lively bike.
the 585 is a true classic bike.


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by StefanG

Its like saying "I'm trying to decide between a Corvette and a Ferrari". If you can afford the Look frame, get it. If you can't, the CAAD is going to "perform/ride" nearly as well, but its not a Ferrari.

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by sawyer

+1 re Orpe's comment on the Look's liveliness. For your purposes I would go Look.
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by gilesharrison

I have a 585. Amazing bike; it's stiff enough to race on but comfortable for long rides.

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by ecguevara

I do own a CAAD10. But even though I like how it rides, I'm with the others on this one. Get the Look.

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by Ahillock

Thanks mates. :thumbup: I appreciate all the words of advice and comments. I think it is a Look for me then. Sounds like it will be the best fit and give me the most smiles.

Also, since this is WW , the Look 585 frame/fork should come out significantly lighter than the CAAD10. I think the 585 frame is just under 1000g and the fork under 300g. However, I guess with the BB30 and a nice crank, I could probably make most of that back with the CAAD10 frame. So in the end I guess this is a wash and pretty equal.

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by axel23

Nothing, absolutely nothing, has suited me better than the 585. Best combination of stiffness, comfort, and weight. Mine comes in at 14 1/2lbs (with pedals and cages).http://s26.beta.photobucket.com/user/axel23/media/Look1_zpsab0b25f4.jpg.html

Btw, what size are you looking for? I have a friend who may be letting one go next month . . .

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by Ahillock

^ axel, great looking frame there! Every 585 looks sharp regardless of color scheme.

I am actually looking for a medium. So let me know if you have any leads.

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by Snicks

I wish I still had my look 585 :(

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by Bianchi10

I'd say 858 even though I have and love my Cdale.

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