PF30 install?

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by audiojan

Can you install a PF30 without a headset press? I have a Parlee Z5 and just ordered the PF30 to Shimano adaptor (to be used with my Rotor 3D Quarq, not willing to give up power meter and can't justify buying another crank...). I contacted Parlee and they basically said, this is the adaptor you need, make sure you clean/degrease all surfaces, use the supplied Loctite (came with the frame), press in the PF30 adaptor with a headset press and let the Loctite cure for 24 hours before riding. All fine and well, except that I don't have a headset press... anyway to install the adaptor without a headset press?
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by upside

I would take it to a good shop and have it installed.. why risk damage on such a nice frame.

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by alexalecu

Google "diy headset press"; you can easily make one for cheap.

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by Omiar

diy press - a threaded rod long enough, two shims large enough, two bolt that fit onto the rod. i install bearings like this regularily. just watch out that the cup/bearing/adaptor starts to go in evenly.
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by spandexboy817

You can use a rubber mallet too. I put a rag over the bb and tap it in. It takes a while to be careful and not hit the frame, you kind of have to brace the frame with your thigh on the other side while you tap it too. Use LOTS of grease otherwise they creak. I have done this on 3 cervelos now with no issues at all. The noise from hitting the bb will change dramatically when it is totally seated.

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by LionelB

I would use the proper tool. Is the Parlee BB all carbon ? If so please read this too viewtopic.php?f=3&t=93006" onclick=";return false;

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by audiojan

Thanks for the input everyone. Yes, the Parlee is full CF and you're probably correct... why take a chance with such a nice bike.... I'm going to find a LBS that can do this (unfortunately, the one closest to me is completely useless... they'll probably take a hammer to it and just go to town until they think it's seated "good enough"...).
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by timzcat

Try to borrow the press if you don't think they are capable.

I have one myself but the recommendations to make your own are good advice.

1 piece of threaded rod, two large washers and two nuts to fit the rod.

Press one side in first then press the other. Do not try to do both at the same time.

And do not take the grease advice, follow what Parlee told you.

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by elviento

A threaded rod + 2 large nuts + 2 large washers = DIY headset press.

Costs a few dollars to make.
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