29er wtb nano tyres ?

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by michel2

today o got my tyres from chainreaction i ordered a set of wtb nano's in the tcs edition, tubeless compatible system....
i can not for the life of me fit these tyres on my stan's rims, im 6.3 ft and a diesel mechanic...
after looking at the absolutely useless instruction video on the wtb site and trying to fit this tyre with a lever i gave up ! my tyre lever snapped and i damage my rim rim because i used a screwdriver to take the single bead of that i had luck with installing.

in other words i just spend 100$ on shit ! i send an email to wtb but i will be suprised to see an answer, i didnt swear i promise (-:

anybody else experienced with wtb 29er tyres ?

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by socratease

Are you using stan's tape, or another, thicker tape?

Some tires are very difficult to fit onto the rims. The trick is typically to work the bead as evenly into the cavity as possible while working around, and shifting the position of the last and most dificult part of the bead to get on. Sometimes, alcohol or some other type of "lubricant" needs to be applied at the bead/rim hook interface to make it easier.

Additionally, if a tire is difficult enough that it requires using a tire lever, usually it will take 2. This will keep you from breaking off the tips. I reccomend Pedro's or the steel cored soma levers. Flimsy, generic ones won't cut it.

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