Cannondale Flash F1 cracked

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by quattrings


After today's ride I was cleaning my bike and found my bike had cracked at the seat tube toptube junction.
To make matters even worse my LBS is away this week.

IMG_0011[1] by Quattrings, on Flickr

Getting a replacement frame would mean getting really bad colour combo on frame, forks and components. Are there any experienced metallurgists or welders or something out there that could fix this?

by Weenie

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by Gregorio

And is that a dented top tube? How did that happen? That sucks

Tokyo Drifter
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by Tokyo Drifter

You won't be able to get it welded.

Cannondale often offer several different colour options for warranty frames, depending on current stock.

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by ricerocket

I'd be pretty surprised if you could get that warrantied given that pretty obvious dent right next to it.

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by quattrings

It's not a dent guys, just the light playing tricks :wink:
will get some better pics in natural lighting

The crack just happened spontaneously. As a matter of fact, I had the seatpost out a week prior to this and there was no sign of the crack. I went on a couple of training runs this week and 80 km yesterday an suddenly it was there.

The new paint jobs are horrible in my opinion. :(

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by socratease

If you were to get it welded, it wouldn't be done proper, and would just crack again in the exact same spot, since Alu needs to be heat treated post-weld. It would have to be re-painted as well.

Just go with the warranty frame. If you really don't like the color, just sell it. Or, if you're all about voiding the warranty on that one, strip it down to brushed aluminum, which never looks too bad.

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by TheRookie

Is it actually a crack or just the paint, I spotted similar at the top/head tube junction on mine and it was just the paint cracked the metal is fine.....
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by quattrings

I've considered that possibility as well, but the crack does seem to open up when stressed.
Cosmetical damage is something I can live with. A mountainbike is not going to be factory fresh forever.
I've also found this picture online so I would hazard a guess that this particular spot is a stress riser in the frame's design.
Anyway, it will need to be checked out thoroughly before I'd feel confident riding it again.

Haven't had time to take better pics.

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Mattias Hellöre
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by Mattias Hellöre

There will be many more frames with fractures like that just because the current trend is long seatpost showing and it does stress this junction a lot.

In your matter, stop use the frame, get a replacement frame and don´t use the cracked frame more.
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by kgt


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by quattrings

Of course, riding this frame is out of the question. It would ruin the ever so slight chance of getting it repaired and I don't feel like risking it.

I think I found a replacement 2011 frame, but I don't know if it's a financially sound idea to go this route.
What I'd like to know is, what is a good price point to sell a new 2013 frame for?

The new frame would be a size large, so less seatpost out of the frame equals to less stress on the TT/ST junction.
It would require a 90 mm stem to replicate the contact points' position , and the wheelbase will be slightly longer. Will this ride less "twitchy"? I liked my medium frame for the really fast turning singletracks.

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monty dog
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by monty dog

Almost impossible to repair IMO - without post-weld heat treatment the frame will be weakened and will almost certainly break again.
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by legsrburnin

If you bought the bike new, Cannondale are very good with their warranties. Your local shop will probably get the rep in to check it out, but my experience with Cannondale has always been that they err on the side of caution and replace items.
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by quattrings

Yes, I've always heard Cannondale are good with their warrantie policy, follow through and customer service in general.
I just never thought I'd be finding out, since they are outstanding bikes, even this incident does not make me doubt that one bit.

I've taken the liberty of purchasing the size large 2011 frame I found in the same colour. My LBS told me it was possible they would have the same frame. He also didn't see any immediate danger in me riding this frame apparantly, but I left it in the shop.
Hope all goes well.

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I hope this was all the bad luck for 2012.

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