Anyone still have a steel bike?

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by nspace

^ LOL!

^^ That bike is awesome!

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by MileHighMark

Steel. Clearance for 32s. Not a WW build/setup, but should be lots of fun.

GRAVELBIKE.COM - ride everything

by Weenie

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by Pimpdaddy

Just built my first ever steel bike :-)

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by RichTheRoadie

Just ordered a Mercian. Will be a 5-month wait, but should be worth it.

Build will be modern kit on a King of Mercia lugged frame - I plan to source some Pegoretti Falz carbon forks for it and it'll run Campag (probably Chorus, but I might upgrade) with my Ambrosio wheels and Thomson finishing kit... although I might upgrade the wheels to Hyperons too!

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by nickf

In progress. Columbus oversized PegoRichie Tubing. Sachs lugs. Hope to have the frame done in a few weeks. Fresh silver brazing.

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by ttts2

I've got a genesis equilibrium and couldn't be happier. Eats up the winter miles in luxurious comfort and although it doesn't have all the bells and whistles if i didn't race i would have no need for anything else!

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by monkeyburger

I spent some time loving up my trusty old Peugeot PK-12 this past week.
I laced some Mavic 501 hubs onto a set of Araya AR 713 rims. 480gr/rim, but only $25/pr delivered! I had a pair of Record brake levers left from a previous project, so those went on as well as finally ditching the lousy mis-matched Simplex/ Ofmega derailleurs in favour of Campy Super Record.
The impetus to do this was finding a few cheapo Shimano 14-28 6 speed freewheels that make the 42/52 crankset viable in the hills here (well, to my aging body anyways :) )
The big surprise of the whole exercise was the tires; they felt light when I pulled them out of the package and this was confirmed when I stuck them on the scale. I've never heard of these before, and picked them up off of a local site. I'll give them a shot and see how they fare. This bike is used for errands and the odd Sunday ride, so they aren't mission critical.
I've been holding onto this old San Marco saddle for a while now, but I guess neither of us are getting any younger, so I might just as well use all 380 grams of it! :unbelievable:

Anyways, Enjoy the photos.

IMG_4053 resize.jpg

IMG_4056 resize.jpg

IMG_4067 resize.jpg

IMG_4069 resize.jpg

IMG_4075 resize.jpg

IMG_4051 resize.jpg

...finding my inner Onoda-kun...

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by fa63

I just built this up:


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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

Rode a Roberts during the week.

Wonderful bike.

Real pity about the paint finish on it though :(

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by philhul

I like the Soma, I've been tempted by one myself. How does it ride? Presume it's the Smoothie?

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by fa63

Thanks. You are correct, this is a Smoothie. Built up with SRAM Rival, a full carbon fork (Whisky Parts No. 7), and my Ambrosio Nemesis rims / Dura Ace hubs wheelset.

The bike rides well. The ride is a bit smoother than the aluminum frame it replaced. Nothing drastic, but it seems to absorb high frequency vibrations and large bumps a bit better. The bottom bracket stiffness is good as well. I was a bit worried about this, but I don't get any chain rub even when pushing really hard. The handling is very good also; it is quick to respond to inputs but not overly twitchy. In fact, it seems I keep setting personal bests on the downhill portions of my rides with this bike.

Based on my experience with it so far, I would recommend it.

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by scotty

Here's mine!!

It's my winter/commuter... and I have to say I'm very happy :D


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by michel2

nickf wrote:In progress. Columbus oversized PegoRichie Tubing. Sachs lugs. Hope to have the frame done in a few weeks. Fresh silver brazing.

exscuse my stupidity but are you building yourself ??that would be awesome !!

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by mellowJohnny

Late 1980s Steve Bauer "Cyclone"

Ishiwata 022 tube set (identical in spec to Columbus SP)
Suntour Sprint derailleurs (friction)
Suntour Cyclone hubs, brakes, crank
CT bar / SR stem
SR post / Avocet O2 Air saddle w/ Ti rails
Mavic GP4 tubs / DT Swiss spokes, brass nipples
Vittoria Rally 23mm tubs (training tires)
Look PP166 pedals
Shimano XT chain, Winner Pro 6 speed freewheel - 11-21
Record headset (new - original was Tange)
Tange fork

What I love about this bike is how plucky it is - nothing was mainstream. It was a great example of an underdog build - Suntour parts, Ishiwata tube set, Araya Red tubs (before I crashed them...). Unfortunately is was always too big for me, but I bought it when I was was my first real race bike. No idea what she weighs...don't really want to!

Edit: just found a cool link to an Ishiwata catalogue: ... pt%203.pdf" onclick=";return false;






by Weenie

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