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by SolidSnake03

tymon_tm wrote:
stella-azzurra wrote:Love Lemond interviews. He's all over the map when he answers a question. All these different ideas popping into his head, half finished sentences only to be overtaken by another half finished thought only to arrive at the point a minute or two later. :lol: He does eventually get his point across but it seems like he's jumping through hoops to do it. :lol:

And all great competitors do it: give great credit to the best guy in the sport they beat. Only to indirectly give praise to themselves. :P

isn't he ADHD or something? illnesses apart, kinda reminds me of granpa Simpson's story-telling..

Believe he has ADD, I think it was mentioned in the interview which would quite logically explain his "style"
Looks like I made a new 90 Proof friend

by Weenie

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by stella-azzurra

Yep he does have ADHD.
I never took drugs to improve my performance at any time. I will be willing to stick my finger into a polygraph test if anyone with big media pull wants to take issue. If you buy a signed poster now it will not be tarnished later. --Graeme Obree

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by russianbear

I think a team time trial around the champs sprinting circuit would be neat. We would see incredible speed. It would be a test of who can bring the most men to the end of the race, possibly prevent people from dropping out. It would also bring some unpredictability to the results and keep people fighting to the end.

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by artray

It is time we brought cycling in to a new exciting era. So lets have them ride unicycles up alp de huez in there underpants smoking a pipe team TT. It's the only way forward. :thumbup:

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by djconnel

I like his point on AD"D". It's not really a disorder, but rather a characteristic. We only consider it a disorder because society wants us to be such mindless drones.

It's normal to feel restless sitting at a desk when you could be outside running and riding.

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by maquisard

Who will prepare Team Sky next season, presumably Ferrari instead?

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by nickmcg1971

Has Leinders signed for AG2R ;)

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by tymon_tm

what does that mean? SKY's gonna by clean from now on..?
kkibbler wrote: WW remembers.

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by maquisard

It means Sky won't be able to ride 'tempo' with 4-5 guys up HC climbs anymore. :thumbup:

They won't win the Tour next year either.

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by KWalker

Leinders was't that influential in their prep, sorry haters.
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by maquisard

How do you know, do tell?

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by dereksmalls

Tony Martin wins!

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by pastronef

BMC distributor as a guest in my hotel

BMC Pro Team 2013

Pearl Izumi for clothing and 3T for handlebars. I asked about helmets, but he didn't know :x
He said Ochowiz takes care of everything form the US, so he should prefer something american. Giro?

he was riding a TMR01, his girl a GF01. the TMR01 is very nice looking. he said you better have good legs to get a good use of it

by Weenie

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by artray

Sky seemed to have got away with using a doping Dr . I am amazed that people seem to think it's ok for Sky but not ok for anyone else . Contador his a cheat for eating some meat but it's ok for sky to hire Leinders .
Sky fans look at the results look at the timeline sky hired Leinders . It cannot be defended .
You don't hire Leinders to stick a plaster on your sore toe .

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