ti anti sieze grease required for ti bolts on alloy stem?

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by nrsnow

Is ti anti sieze grease required for ti bolts on alloy?
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by ricorob

no grease, just dry threads and never had a problem in 12 years

Steve Curtis
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by Steve Curtis

For stem bolts I dont bother but if its a larger Ti bolt under high torque into alloy then I do.

galvanic corrosion can set in effectively welding the surfaces together. Don't worry, this is only an issue with bottom brackets which stay put for many months/ years.

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by kingkongsfinger

My Ti rotor bolts galvanically welded themselves into my hubs, I used copperslip.

Cant get one of the bolts out. :oops:
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by sfer1

nrsnow wrote:Is ti anti sieze grease required for ti bolts on alloy?

Yes, it is. Ignore the people trying to save a couple of bucks by doing things incorrectly.

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by Willpower

Yes it is required and not just on the threads, particular attention should be given to the underside of the bolt head where it mates against the alloy surface.

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by Juanmoretime

Cheap insurance. I use it on all bolts.

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by miceden

Definitely yes... alu and ti together can also result in creaking, the anti sieze/slip will stop that.

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