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by RollingGoat

Hello all,

So due to space constraints I haven't had an actual mountain bike for around 2 years now. Instead I've just been using my cross bike with the widest tires it can fit while riding on some of the less technical trails in the area. However, I've just moved to a new apartment and at last have space for a shiny new bike.

...except that I'm a broke-ass student who spent most of the bike budget on moving to the new place.

So here's the two options I'm considering:
a) I have an old (2006 I think) Titus Racer X aluminum frame (26" wheel) that's one size too big for me that I used to ride before I ever had an actual fitting done. It's a medium and I need a small. I could build that up but it won't fit a tapered fork so "future proof" is definitely not how I'd describe the bike. That said, there's no guarantee I'll be able to afford to upgrade stuff for a long while so perhaps that isn't as much of a concern as I think it is. The build would be 1x10, probably all Shimano SLX or maybe XT if I can find some good deals. To deal with the sizing problem I'd just run a 50mm stem (I had a 90mm on there the last time I used this frame, which was 4 years ago I think). Not having to get a new frame means I could go with nicer wheels and maybe get a dropper post.

b) Get a cheap 29er hardtail frame like an On-One Scandal or Inbred and build with SLX and cheap wheels.

For the record, all of my riding is in the Boston area, which is extremely varied in terms of technicality but has little in the way of long climbs. It's usually short and steep going both up and down. I consider myself a competent descender but mediocre at best when it comes to technical skills.
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by Weenie

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by fastvegan

have you looked at the carbon ebay frames? I have one and it will not quit, after almost 3 seasons of racing and training on it it is still going strong.

it was $309 and weighs 1300grams. Built it to be 1x10 with sram drivetrain, weighs 17.8lbs.

I think it is best to have a bike that fits rather than a bike you "make work"

Good luck.

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by 2002maniac

I vote for option B. My mountain bike is built off a Performance bike 29er frame that cost me $150. Nearly everything else came from ebay.

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by TheRookie

Get a frame that fits, no modern ally frames are bad, mine is from a cheapass bike but weighs the same as a 'good' Rockhopper frame, my total build is just on 11Kg without pedals with an approx spend of £500 ($800), once I've finished the latest updates I'll repost it.
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by Velofreak

Sell the titus frame, it's not ur size. Get a cheap ebay frame, alu or carbon, and build it cheap. Shimano deore it's awesome. Heavy too, but price is decent and peeformance too.

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by nrsnow

I see more often posts such as this. Budget. In the past, im talking 6 years ago (which seems like yesterday), no one had a budget..people were building up scott scales like they had an endless supply of income. Times have changed. Continue on...thank you.
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by TheRookie

Just finishing the latests updates on my HT, without pedals it should be sub 11kg now, total outlay will be circa £550, not bad I think for a budget build!
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Budget 26" HT build viewtopic.php?f=10&t=110956

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by Kennyg

I second the sell Titus frame!

ken :)

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by davestradamus

There is an older (2005?) set of wheels on my local craigslist that I am interested in. They are WTB Laserdisc Lite hubs laced to Mavic XC717 rims with Stan's tubeless kit and Bontrager Jones XR tires. My current wheelset consists of Coda Expert Hubs (2001) laced to Sun DS1-XC rims. Being a Lefty rider I would have to re-use the front hub. I know tubeless wont save me much weight (if any) but it has other benefits, right?

Anyone have experience with this wheelset? I am building this bike on a really tight budget and trying to get sub20#.


by Weenie

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by davestradamus

According to listings on this site, the new wheelset without tires will save me 150gr! The rims weigh the same and I have to keep my Coda Lefty hub in the front. With the Stan's kit and lighter tires, I am thinking 200gr or more!

.5 lbs is going to be shaved today fellas!!

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