Finishing Touch for Weight Weenies

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by HammerTime2

Here you go . The perfect finishing touch for you weight weenies. Oh wait, sorry, I meant fashion weenies. Now you can add an accessory with no purpose but to match your bar tape and saddle.

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by mdeth1313

:roll: what else should we expect :noidea:
Speedplay is the devil!

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by Juanmoretime

A true Weight Weenie doesn't use a cap. Too much weight! :beerchug:

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by kavitator


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by TheRookie

$4 for TWO? I can get 5 for a car for $3!
Impoverished weight weenie wanna-be!
Budget 26" HT build viewtopic.php?f=10&t=110956

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by artray

I have 2 very light purple caps .They match my spoke nipples .
I know it's not true WW but they look so nice .

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by micky

Adding weight to a rotating mass will cause a disavantage of 4% in your power output of roughly 10watts for climbs over 5% of slope which means losing 30 seconds in a hill over 5 kms, depending on the air's humidity obviously, without counting how many burritos you ate the evening before.

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by mellowJohnny

Guilty. But I run an inch less bar tape on each side to make up for it. ;-)

I run ano cable end caps too...

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by ticou

Do they have Toray T900-return of the Terminator-carbon inserts?

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