tiny bubbles on my carbon bike please advise !!!

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bought my R5 a couple of months back been riding regularly and clean it with clean cloth every day while doing a intense weekly clean today found tiny cluster of bubbles on below the bottle cage also found severl bubbles on the side of the top tube did not use any solubles or cleaners on the bike am a little worked up due to this developments please advise
currently i am using the bike in India

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by bikewithnoname

sounds like bubbles in the clear coat, cosmetic only, but without pics it's hard to tell
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by nosafeHAVEN

The most common cause is water in the lines when they cleared the bike. Had that issue on my fork that io stripped and cleared. I forgot to clear my lines first. During the cure the bubbles try to gas out but get trapped. Only option is to wetsand the clear and polish it back out.

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by artray

You really don't need to clean your bike intensely . I just use baby wipes to clean everything . Throwing water all around is a no no. My bike is immaculate. +1 post above
Hope it works out ok

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