What is the lightest durable seat post clamp?

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by Ufgators

I was wondering which seat post clamps everyone would recommend to shave a few grams. I had a new ultimate that worked well for a year or so then it spontaneously snapped. I know this is not the best place to shed a few grams, but I know there has to be a lighter alternative to the stock aluminum clamp I'm getting with my z1.

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by fa63

I have been using a Woodman Deathgrip Ti SL one for a while, weighs 10.5g and I haven't had any issues (and I am a big guy).

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by Wadl

Controltech Settle Seat Clamp 2012

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by artray

If you put some clear coat on you seatpost so its a tight tight fit then you can use any light light clamp .
You will not need to torque it to much . MT ZOOM do a 5/6 grm clamp .

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by physeter

I have a MCFK seat post clamp on my Z1, very happy, light , durable and looks stunning

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by Wadl


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by PinaRene

Token has one made of aluminium / tita bold and with 8 gr verry light. Also cheap at $ 20,-
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by bm0p700f

I was about to say the Token one. I have a couple in the shop and I want to use one but all three of my road frames simply dont need a clamp. They use a bolt. I will test on tommorrow on a shop bike and report back.

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by mellowJohnny

I'm running the Token on my SuperSix with no issues.

http://www.probikekit.com/ca/components ... clamp.html

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by nosafeHAVEN

I second the Woodman Deathgrip Ti. 10g and a load of color and engraving options avail from purely custom.

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