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by Cif


I'n Andy, 29 years old from the Netherlands.
Been reading threads here for some time, but never registered myself. Until now.

I own a 2012 Cannondale Bad Boy 4, that I bought as a fitness bike.
Didn't want a road bike, because it's bad in the mud.
Didn't want a MTB, because it's bad on the road.
Didn't want a hybrid, because I don't get the point of a hybrid.

So why not buy a CX bike? I have no idea. Bought this Cannondale and absolutely love it.
Bought a set of 32mm CX tires for CX/light XC.

Just looking for a new set of wheels because I get tired of swapping from CX to slick and back and back and .....
Don't know if I want to buy a set of road wheels (chinese carbon) or a set of CX wheels (prob Planet-X carbon).
It's hard to fnd a very light wheel with hubs for disc brake. So if anyone can recommend something, please let me know.

My bike:
Cannondale Bad Boy 4 (2012) Original weight minus 1541 Gram

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by ecguevara

Hi Andy!

Welcome to the forums. Enjoy!

- ecguevara

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by prendrefeu

Welcome to Weight Weenies! :welcome:

BadBoys are really amazing bikes, no doubt about that. Do you have any plans to make this beauty even lighter?? It is possible!
Any interest in adding more bikes to your stable? :wink:
Exp001 || Other projects in the works.

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Robin v Berkel
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by Robin v Berkel

Welcome :D
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old WW bikes
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by Cif

I'm kind of in doubt about upgrading. The bike is awesome, but I sometimes just miss the speed.
Max. average is about 28kmh (16-17mph). And thats with the slick tyres.
So I was thinking about a carbon wheel set for the slicks. Turns out, for the price of a set of carbon wheels I can also buy a second hand time trail bike.

Second hand wheels can't really be found since there are almost no bikes with disc brakes and slicks out there.
So any ideas? ;)
Cannondale Bad Boy 4 (2012) Original weight minus 1541 Gram

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