Exustars 200 ti OR keywin ti pedals?

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by Bianchi10

I currently have look keo sprints on my bike and am looking to lighten up my pedal choice. I was really interested in the keywin ti because of the price and weight I would be cutting. One big thing that concerns me about the keywin is that I like the reassuring engagement sound of clipping in and From what I understand the keywin gives you a minimal if not silent engagement. I was td to look into the exustars 200 ti pedals and right away I like the look of them more and what I can't tell from reading they give you that traditional click in and locked sound and feel. They are a bit more expensive but they look better in my opinion and are also very light. Both seem to have good reviews. From the reading I have done the exustars seem to be more of a solid feel.

Opinions or pros/cons would be appreciated! Thanks

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by BdaGhisallo

I am a Keywin user and while you don't get a loud noise to tell you when you're clipped in, you will be in no doubt about whether you are clipped in. The cleat and pedal body slide together and you can feel the "press fit", as I describe it, and now you are in.

They are a phenomenal pedal and you will not be disappointed.

There's a big thread on here about keywin crm ti pedals. Check it out.

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by durianrider

I used keywin Ti for years .CHOICE pedal. Cleats last a long time for sure.

I use xtr spd's now for function but the keywin was great for riding around in sneakers cos the platform was so wide.

Id go the keywin for sure. SUPER secure lock in.
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