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by ricerocket

js wrote:but still just horrified at the idea of a 13c inner rim width on the Cosmic Carbone rims... which would make it even less then 19mm on the outside by normal standards, which must really 'lightbulb' things and drop the volume in the tires by a good chunk if that's accurate.

It's most likely a typo. I had older CCs and didn't remember it as substantially narrower than any other wheelset I've owned.

by Weenie

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by Junior Varsity

Actually, once I thought about it, all my road wheels are Mavic.
Cosmic Carbone Ultimates
Ksyrium SL Premium (3 pair)
Open Pro CDs laced up to DA hubs
Carbone SLRs

I have never had an issue with any of my wheels and they always seem to be a good balance of everything.
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by fa63

silvercivic27 wrote:I don't see why you couldn't mount 25s on SLs, but I don't know for sure.

I just did; no issues.

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by sawyer

Cosmic Carbone SLRs.

Though the CCUs are their only first rate wheels. I quite like the ultra WW low profile windmills some of the Liquigas riders have been on in the past.
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by js

I finally got a chance to measure and it most certainly is not a Typo on Mavic's site - the Cosmic series rims are VERY narrow.

I went down to the shop a pair of Park Tool digital calipers and found out the following - the internal width of the three pairs of Cosmic wheels that I measured (SL, SR & the SLR Exalith) were all 13.4mm, with an external measurement of 18.8-18.9mm each. The Mavic Ksyrium rims measured just 14.high mm for the internal width and just over 20mm outside.

For the record, a pair of Fulcrum 2-Way fit wheels were similar to the Kysrium rims (just over 20mm outside) and Shimano rims were all over 15mm inside and over 21mm outside.

As a guy who likes a bit more volume in my tires, I think I'd choose the Kyrium Elite wheels as the best of the Mavic offerings - steel spokes, reasonble rim widths, weight & performance... just don't think about the aerodynamics, which fortunately won't matter much for my non-racing use.

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by btompkins0112

I can vouch for the '12 Ksyrium Elites.....great wheelset. Very stiff, no reliability issues thus far, and really good looking IMHO. I am running them in a tubeless set-up with Hutchinson Fusion 3's and love the ride.

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by nayr497

Alright, lots of back and forth on some Mavic wheels but I have a question on the Mavic SL Premiums...

I have a budget wheelset on my nice carbon road bike. Been riding them for two years, they're okay, but in serous need of an upgrade. Spokes starting to go. A riding pal just told me he's selling some Mavic SL Premiums in like-new condition. From what I gather reading a few threads on here people like them, think they aren't that light, are a bit expensive, not that serviceable, and not that aerodynamic.

I do a lot of solo training rides, don't road race, and do go on fast group rides. Wheels, even the budget set I'm on, have never held me back. Any wheels would be huge upgrades. I'd get these at a very nice price.

A few things:
-65 kilos
-already race cyclocross on Ksyrium ESs and they've been awesome
-hmm, don't road race, but I said that.

There are always PROs/CONs with any wheelset. Just guess I'm looking for a yea/nay on will some SL Premiums be a nice upgrade and a good, strong wheelset, especially considering I'm on very budget Neuvations. I'd put some Continental GP 4000s on these and hope to just ride them like crazy for a few years.

Thanks :beerchug:
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by Berk

Mavic was our team sponsor quite a few years, and I really like Mavic,..if I'm right I rode with them from 2005 till last season, that was also my last one (an U23 Continental team) and we had great experiances with Mavic - Ksyrium SL and Cosmic SL wheels for racing and Aksium/Elite for training. I NEVER had any problems,..only the R-Sys were quite fragile if you crashed. Have a look also for the Cosmic SLE. Otherwise I prefer lower profile (a lot of mountains here) so I would go with the Ksyrium SLR. If high profile then SLE or SLR..
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by ticou

Thanks for that Berk. I crave Campy at the moment, though I ride Elite's.

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by Franklin

js wrote:Assume for a moment that you had full-sponsorship from Mavic, but had to ride clincher wheels... which wheelset would you choose and why?

Why clinchers? :noidea:

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by markyboy

Cosmic carbones slr exalith rims best wheels i have owned and i have had boras as well.
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by bikedoc

cosmic elites, cheap, indestructable, tiny bit heavier but faster than the cosmic carbones according to most tunnel test, in fact they seem to do rather well in tunnels

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by KH1

I run 25's on my SL's they are great. I am actually pretty impressed with my SL's I have nearly 5000Km on them with zero issues. If you are even slightly worried about the whole carbon vs aluminium spoke thing then go with the SL.
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by nayr497

bikedoc wrote:cosmic elites, cheap, indestructable, tiny bit heavier but faster than the cosmic carbones according to most tunnel test, in fact they seem to do rather well in tunnels

What are the main differences between the Cosmic Elites and the Ksyrium SL Premiums?

Elites are more aerodynamic and the Premiums are lighter? I know the Premiums are also older and seem to have been phased out.

I could buy some Premiums locally from a dude I ride with for $400, like new. Or I could grab some Elites for $500 shipped.

I'm looking for an all-around wheel for long training rides, some fast groups rides, but I don't do any road racing. Decent roads, would put on some Continental GP 4000s for now, some Veloflex Masters come spring. Live in a hilly area, do ride in the mountains sometimes. And weigh 65 kgs.

I know it's tough to say which wheel is the best and there are people who like both sets (and don't like.).
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by nayr497

Hmm, from looking at some photos online the Cosmic Elites don't seem to have the same "sealed" rim/hidden spokes as the ESs I have and like the Premiums. Is this correct?

I ride tubeless on my ESs for cyclocross. Not that I'm going to set up the Premiums tubeless for the road, but the option might be nice.

Anyone know if I'm correct in this or completely wrong?
A good day becomes a better day with a bicycle ride.

by Weenie

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