46t ring to fit a 7950 crankset

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by noonan1970

SO has anyone found a 46t chainring that will fit a dura ace 7950 for sure? I tried fsa 110bcd and it did not work. the angle of the spider would not allow it.

Something other than the CX70 rings because they are hard to find right now.


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by noonan1970

OnTheRivet wrote:http://praxiscycles.com/pages/integratedsets" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Thanks, I did see those and called them too. The 46/36 set is still not available yet.

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by metal

Was doing some research for my new road bike i'm planning to build which I would like to have 46/36 gearing on (I don't grind gears, I spin them ;) ). Came across the stronglight chainrings that are in engineered to the profile of the 7950 crank.


Note, I haven't bought these, so I have no idea of product quality nor actual availability, and i've only used xxcycle once before (years ago). Also, I couldn't find the specific 46t chainring on other sites which have these specific stronglight chainrings. But, seems ideal for what your asking :)

btw, i'm currently looking at going down the route of a 2012 red crankset with praxis 46/36 cross rings, but as indicated on their website the 46 ring unavailable atm.

It's probably close to 100grams lighter than the dura ace/stronglight combo.


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by Oswald

Just wondering if anyone has tried the Stronglight 7950 chainrings? Any feedback on shifting performance and durability would be greatly appreciated.

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by the_marsbar

I have been riding three seasons with a Stronglight 46T (zicral) chainring (mounted to a Rival crankset). It is still going strong.

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