Selle SMP, San Marco saddles' height needed :)

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by Estuche

Hi, I am trying to decide which saddle to buy between:
SM Mantra,
SM Aspide FX,
SMP Evolution,

And would appreciate it if someone could provide me with any of these saddle's height from rails to top of saddle :)

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by thisisatest

there are a couple ways this could be measured. for instance, when mounted on a bike and leveled off, the smp's rails are at a moderate angle. so... do you want the vertical distance from middle of rail up? and when you say "top of the saddle", do you mean the top-top, if a straight-edge is placed nose-to-tail, or do you mean to the top of the saddle at its midpoint?

by Weenie

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by AGW

I don't know about the SSMs, but here's the Evo data. The Composite (same shell) was the same rail-to-center height. The SMP is totally different sitting experience, so I hope you've atleast tried (and liked) the ones on your list and are only using the measurements to further narrow it down.

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by ico

Currently ride Mantra. This diagram could help.

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by Estuche

Wow thanks you guys rock!

I must admit not trying the SMP and I appreciate the warning, considering how different the ride might be. I am just looking for an anatomically "correct" saddle that has some good height on the rails, because I do not want to replace my already cut seatpost (pretty lame, I know) :/

I was previously using a Brooks B17 with a center height of 65mm. I thought these saddles were rather "tall" but I might be wrong. Any suggestions of saddles that are taller than the typical 40 to 50mm? I would hopefully be able to keep the weight below 250 grams! Maybe the Specialized Romin Expert??

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by Franklin

My experience you sit a fair bit farther back on the SMP, where it's higher still. Hence Steve Hogs advice to use zero setback.

Best saddle I ever owned by a ridiculous margin. Second ride I did with it was 5 hours in the saddle... I came of the bike with sore hands, but my posterior had zero issues, not even noticed it when I jumped on my commuter that afternoon to get groceries.

Of course, your experience might differ!

by Weenie

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