Eurus 2005 hub service question

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by Greg66

I am lucky to have a pair of 2095 Euruses with non-carbon hubs (see pp88-89 of this brochure ... 005_EN.pdf).

They have a quick lubrication port in the middle of the hub, accessible by removing a crescent shaped clip. I have used this over time, but feel that it would not hurt now to have a proper look at the hubs and give them a bit of a service.

Does anyone have a layman's guide/video/instructions that will show me how to get into the hubs?


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by fdegrove


I am lucky to have a pair of 2095 Euruses with non-carbon hubs

Very lucky indeed.... :mrgreen:

Servicing is very easy but you should also check the bearings of the freewheel. Especially since that version of the Eurus still uses the older one which is no longer available.

Here's a video showing the newer Eurus but it is essentially the same as your set:

To remove the freewheel (body) from the spindle you'll need a hex key to keep the spindle from moving and a flat key (size 17 IIRC) which you need to turn clockwise to open the locknut.

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