Thin chamois bibs?

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by hasbeen

Does anyone know of bibs that have thin chamois. Maybe not so multi density too. Any manufacturers going against current trends and making them thinner?
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btompkins0112 wrote:
It has the H2 step racier than a hybrid bike

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by PDXWheels


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by mrfish

Depends what you mean by thin? Castelli Kiss is much thinner than the x2.

But if you really like thin chamois, you might consider getting some really cheap shorts. I tried some £20 Giordanas and the chamois there was just nasty, just to test whether I was wasting my money spending £50-100 on shorts. Short story is that the expensive shorts are worth every penny.

Or alternatively you should get a more uncomfortable carbon saddle - then you might like the thicker chamois :D

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by madmole

Skins AS400, nice shorts with thin but very comfy pad. Much thinner than Kiss 3 or X2
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by Rick

I like the Castelli KISS also.
he purpose of the chamois is to reduce friction, not to provide padding.

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by claus

One trick is to buy "Tri" shorts, the chamois is much thinner than the current trend of having 15-25mm of padding in cycling bibs/shorts (some of those chamois are really heavy too). I recently bought shorts from Sugoi with "Tri Lite 2" chamois, which is very nice. But unfortunately those are "tri" shorts: the inseam is very short and they are not available as bibs.

Alternatively, some smaller manufacturers offer thin chamois, e.g.,

The new Castelli chamois are way too thick for me (and also too big/wide), the original "KISS" was ok for me, the best was the Descente Optima (not made anymore.)

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by Burning Dogma

Nalini shorts with PTN chamois (Base and Team Replica lines). This chamois is thin and plain from front to back. I like it a lot but I use a standard Fizik Arione which is very well padded.

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by headwind816

claus wrote:the best was the Descente Optima (not made anymore.)

I second this statement although the actual bib short was not very durable. Mine fell apart after 3 months, and I continue to kick myself for not ripping out the chamois. The bib short was the C6; once in a while I see a short ... I should buy it and rip out the chamois so that I can replace my terrible team bib short chamois.

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by MileHighMark

+1 on Nalini.

I get them on eBay ("morevalue" seller).
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by bonedpwinkle

Gore Xenon Sonic's are the best I've used, as I like a thin chamois as well. They stopped making them but you can still find them around depending on what size you need. I really can't reccomend them enough. I haven't tried the new version yet. I should have bought 10 pairs of the old ones before they quit making them. :( Let us know if you find one you like!

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by claus" onclick=";return false; shows several "PTN" chamois (PTN 1, 4, 9, HF), but I don't see data about their thickness. Can you please say which version you mean? Thanks!

I checked some websites that sell Nalini, but most of them don't include the chamois type, so that makes it even more complicated to find the right one.
Geranio 1 seems to have PTN 9,
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by steel515

Haven't tried "kiss" but Nalini.

Why do you ask, r u buy "gift" for a "friend?"

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by fdegrove


The one I really loved was the old Santini TOP chamois but it's no longer made.
Other than that Santini's CX, Nalini and Castelli's KISS. Ultima is not too thick either.

Hmmmm....and I thought I was the only one liking thin chamois. :?

Ciao, ;)
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by mattiTWOROADS

We are actually working with cytech and will be offering a chamois on some summer shorts that has very minimal padding where it's just not necessary and just the right amount where it is. It's an interesting concept in chamois design the does kind of buck the trend.

The multi-D's are going nowhere, but it's nice to think about an alternative.

Will be testing soon and post results.
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Etxeondo golden chamois is thin.

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