evolution of my old LOOK 361 - 5,9 kg + new Wilier Zero7

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by Martin1977

Hello, this is my first post here in introduction section, so I'll start with the oldest configuration of my curent bike. The oldest photo is from 2002. Bike was built with complete Shimano 105 groupset, Cinelli Solido and Solida stem and bars and Mavic Cosmic Expert tubular wheelset. Saddle was San Marco Era which I liked really much, and groupset was completed with Flightdeck computer. I can see, that I used generic Shimano SPD compatible pedals.
I do not know how much bike weihted that time, but guess is something like 9kg. OK, so far it isn't impressive weight, but it changed to nicer numbers in the following Years :lol:

My excuse is, that I was not influenced by WW forum at that time :lol:

IM001360 web.jpg
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by Martin1977

Than in 2005 I finished university and started to work. So I was able to upgrade my bike a little :lol:
I replaced groupset to Campagnolo Chorus 10 speed, bought ZIPP 808 wheels, Stronglight Pulsion crank and Chorus pedals.
Weight dropped to cca 8,0 - 8,1 kg. I was really happy with this setup for another several Years.
I only replaced saddle to Fizik Arione, because San Marco saddle cracked, and I also bought tubular Ksyrium SL wheels.

Bike looked much nicer now.
IMG_1602 web.jpg
IMG_2865 web.jpg
IMG_2868 web.jpg

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by Martin1977

And finaly this spring I decided to upgrade my good old LOOK to it's final shape. Influenced by WW forum, I started to collect nice and light components to lower weight as low as possible. I also want to buy new frameset for next season, so I also wanted to test all of theese WW parts if they are suitable for heavier 85-90kg rider like me. So final build list of my LOOK 361 is following:

Frame: LOOK 361, 56cm classic geometry – cca 1450g
Fork: LOOK HSC3 – cca 350g
Head Set: Chris King – cca 120g
Seatpost: LOOK ergopost – 210g
Stem: Tune – cca 105g
Bars: Schmolke TLO – 150g
Seat: Selle Italia CX Zero – 89g
Crank: THM Clavicula, chainrings Fibre-lyte 53-39, screws Carbon-Ti, THM BB – 496g
Brakes: AX Lightness Orion, Swiss Stop pads– 140g (custom carbon Powercordz clamps)
Shifters: Campagnolo Super Record: 322g (metal bar clamps replaced with custom carbon ones)
RD: Campagnolo Super Record: 157g
FD: Campagnolo Super Record: 72g
Cassete: Campagnolo Super Record 11-23: 175g
Chain: Campagnolo Record: cca 240g
Powercordz - cca 12g
Cables: Aligator I-link – cca 90g
Rims: Archteks – 268g+269g
Spokes: Sapim Superspoke: cca 210g
Hubs: Tune mig45 and mag170 – cca 45g + 180g
Wheels in total – 995g
Tubulars: Vittoria CX Evo II 320 TPI: 242g+243g
Pedals: LOOK KEO Blade Ti – 186g
Glue: Vittoria – cca 50g
Tape: cca 50g
Cages: Tune Uni + Schmolke carbom screws: cca 30g
Tune U20 QR: 21g
Custom carbon FD holder with Ti screw: cca 6g
Custom headset spacer: cca 1g
Custom carbon top cap with ALU screw: cca 5g

Weight without computer: 5,9 kg.

With this setup I'm totaly satisfied. During season I also tried Extralite stem and ALU cassette, but both simply didn't work for me. Shifting with ALU cassette was poor and there also was noticable wear after cca week of use. Extralite stem can not be tightened more than 3Nm with Schmolke bars and it was not enough for heavier rider like me. Creaking noises were coming from stem/bars combo, so I replaced it with Tune stem. I'm happy now.

IMG_4001 web.jpg

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by Timo

Job well done!
And if I ever meet an aardvark, I'm going to step on its damn protruding nasal implement until it couldn't suck up an insect if its life depended on it.

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by maverick_1

Respect! :no1:

great built by the way. it's always nice to see a classic lugged frameset and to end up with a 5.9kg is really


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by kgt

Very well done! :thumbup: The ksyrium version was nice as well.

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by rico

I've always wanted one of these older Look frames. They, uh, look lovely.

You've done a great job here, although personally I couldn't live with those bars.

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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

Excellent. Bravo.

I love the evolution and the final weight! :thumbup:
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jekyll man
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by jekyll man

"Look"s great!
Impressed that the parts actually look right on the frame, which isnt often the case.

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by KB

Well done. As Pete said, the evolution helps to appreciate what you have done that little bit more. I'm with Rico on the bars, but it's still a very nice build and impressive weight.

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by octav

very nice ! :)

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by notsoswift

As the owner of a 461 I know that is a MIGHTY impressive result at that weight

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by Martin1977

So I've finaly chosen new frameset. It is Wilier Zero7. After more than Year of testing all those WW components on my old LOOK, I can say that I'm happy with all of them. So most of them is going to be used on my new Wilier Zero7, which I recently brought home.
Here are few new and old pictures of weights of used components.
I plan to start building new Wilier next week, after uphill TT during weekend.

Frameset is Large, 796g including both FD and RD hangers. Wilier certificate shows 782g, which I think is without removable RD hanger.
01 pedaly.jpg
02 QR.jpg
03 brzdy.jpg
04 objimky.jpg
05 lanka.jpg
06 kabelaz.jpg
07 kliky.jpg
11 paky.jpg
12 vidlice.jpg
13 ram.jpg

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by kgt

Super! It's gonna be a great machine.

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by chazmtb

Love to see the completed bike and weight.

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