Sycip with Hyperons

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by go4custom

New wheels and new Nikon SLR camera, decided to play a little. Played with different lighting and effects in the backyard.

When I built up the bike I hoped, wished, longed (and little lusting) for some Hyperon Ultras or Bora Ultras. However, even working at a shop, I still could not justify the cost and wanted something much lighter. This is weightweenies right? For this reason I built up the C-4/Reynolds MV32's. In retrospec, I wish I would have saved a little more, waited, whatever, and used some Tune hubs or something other than the C-4. They have been on/off trouble since day one.
This brings us to now. Called a friend about using his 11-27 for Levi's Gran Fondo and says, "sure, hey by the way, I picked up some 404's and selling the Hyperons. I just glued two Vittoria Corsa evo Cx tubbies on and had the CULT bearings put in. They're yours for a $1000." WHAAAAAAT!
This guy has gone through bikes and wheels like it's his favorite drink mix. Saw him the next afternoon and on the bike, out the door I went.
Immediatly I can tell these are stiffer wheels. Maybe the larger hubs/axles? Maybe the heavier rims? Combination of both. MV32's are 900g, these 1220ish. Notice the weight, but the sensation of being more responsive, stiffer, and actually more comfortable, overcame any weight gain. AND they roll OH SO SMOOTH!! CULT bearings vs. itsy bitsy cartrige bearings is much apparent. Braking on them I feel is actually better then Reynolds with their cyro blue pads. They modulate exactly like a brake should. Give a little, get a little. Their is absolutely no pulsing in the lever; no matter how hard I'm braking.

Very similar shots, but was messing around with the light and how it shimmered :lol: off the carbon.







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by Weenie

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by cmh


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by pmr

Nice steal on the hyperons!

You lucky, lucky person. That is a very pretty bike.

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by xFree

Very nice bike & wheel! :thumbup:
But I think your front wheel is in wrong direction :?:

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by dolophonic

Sycip = like!

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by adidavas

nice pictures :) :welcome:

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by nspace

That is a beautiful build!

in the industry
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by fio

Woah. That is AWESOME. Super awesome deal on the Hyperons! I've thought the same thing about them...even with EP and shop pricing they are still outrageous. The bike looks perfect all around. Nice work!

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by LionelB

Really beautiful. If you want to make $100 on the Hyperon I will take them off your hands for $1100 :shock:

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by nighthunte29

I bid $1200! 8)

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by Stolichnaya

I just spilled my tea when I saw this bike.
Can you give us a close up shot of the rear dropouts?

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by milkbaby

Beautiful bike and a great deal on sweet wheels from your pal! :thumbup:

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by go4custom

These are the only two shots I had on file.



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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

Ok. I think I just had a little accident.

A beautiful bike. All Campa.

And then you pick up Hyperons for a grand? :unbelievable:

Where are my friends giving away Hyperons for that price.

Compliments. Puh-fect.

BTW, what is the current weight?
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by Weenie

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by go4custom

Weight with 900g custom built Reynolds MV32's was 14.4lbs

Running the same tires and cassette, I'm assuming the Hyperons weigh around 1200-1220ish.

My guess is around 15.5lb.

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