Kask Mojito + Oakley Radarlock

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by yongkun

Anyone has any issue with the combination of radarlock and the Mojito helmet? I heard some bad feedbacks on radar and the mojito.

Also, I understand that the Mojito helmet tends to run much smaller. My head is around 58.5cm and have used the Giro Aeon (M), Ionos (M), LG X-Lite (M), Rudy Proj Sterling (S/M). I fit at the full opening of all these helmets, which is really nice since it does not look like a mushroom. Trying my luck, any chance my head could fit? Quite expensive to do a return on the helmet if it doesn;'t fit. Thanks!

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by SolidSnake03

I had a medium Mojito and can attest to it working with NONE of my sunglasses what so ever. Neither my Oakley Radar's, Smith Pivlock v90's or cheap o' shop glasses worked. The retention system comes down right behind your ears essentially making it impossible to wear sunglasses with temples that stick out past your ear even a bit unless you wedge them under the system.

The only brand that my shop that sells Kask says works really well are Rudy Project since you can just bend the temples to whatever shape will fit behind your ears
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by dj97223

I haven't had a problem with my Tifosi sunglasses. It is true that you can adjust the retention system so it comes close to the back of your ears, but it is not necessary for good fit to bring it down that far, in my opinion.
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by mgb21

I have used my standard radars and a mojito (large) with no problems. Occasionally the tips of the arms sit just over the helmets holding cradle but this is no issue and causes no discomfort etc

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by Monkeyboy3333

So in the quest for a lighter helmet and a nice fit I bought a Mojito , so comfy but ruddy Oakley glasses ( split jacket in my case ) don't sit correctly with the retaining mechanism , has anyone got a fix short of binning it off?

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by hna

Behind your ears

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by mattyb95

You tried ratcheting the closure slightly higher or lower on your head and putting the glasses outside the straps?

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by Tinea Pedis

For the love of god monkey, there's a thread not a week ago on it.



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by duz10s

I run the Mojito with radarlock with no problems at all
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by Monkeyboy3333

Tinea Pedis wrote:For the love of god monkey, there's a thread not a week ago on it.



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