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by Kjetil

Indeed. I really like that they are heavy at the toes were it's needed. Feet were nice and cozy with those socks and just shoe covers Mille in 2-5*C yesterday.

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by TuplaO

Monkeyboy3333 wrote:[ wanted to know what all the merino fuss is about so went for an endura baa baa base layer

I have a SS version of the Baa Baa. The merino is not as nice as, say, Icebreaker or Orca. However, whether the relative roughness of the material detracts from how merino 'works', is a separate issue altogether. The point: there is nicer merino to be had, should the BaaBaa feel prickly.

by Weenie

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by bluesea

WR Compositi RSN seatpost, 29.4mm from Clemenzo Cycling. Hoping things work out.

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by fa63

The frame came in yesterday. It looks pretty good, the headtube extension is not too bad either.


But it is definitely anti WW; in fact I should probably be banned from WW for posting this:



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by HammerTime2

Yeah, if that were 2.08 lb you'd be o.k. (not great, but o.k.). So you're only off by a factor 2.2.

On the other hand, folks can build a 3 kg bike using a frame which weighs 0.6 kg, so you ought to be able to build this baby up to less than 4.5 kg, which would still be respectable by WW standards, even if it doesn't put you in the hall of fame.

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by dereksmalls

A Far Near Campagnolo derailleur tuning kit in black from Ebay

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by TheRookie

When I bought my XT levers (M775) they came with some of the bolts that hold the covers on missing (I knew this in advance so all good) so I bought some slim headed M3x4mm (shorter than the Shimano m3x5mm) bolts, 12 for £3.71 (about $5), so now I have 2 levers complete with bolts (I replaced the reservoir cap screws as well) that look nicer with the smaller bolt head and each lever is 4g lighter than before to boot - winner!

The Bolts are sold on ebay as being for computer hard disc drive, make sure you get the small diameter and thin head versions.
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by fio

Looks like the 25mm Conti GP400s didn't fit on my R3. The bike has absolutely terrible tire clearance. I'm not too happy about it. I bought some Vittoria Open Corsa Evo Cx II's instead.

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by djconnel

dereksmalls wrote:A Far Near Campagnolo derailleur tuning kit in black from Ebay

That looks like it has around 500 km in it, max.... but it looks great now!

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by jdp211

Looks more like a stock photo

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by dereksmalls

jdp211 wrote:Looks more like a stock photo

It is the stock photo. It's brand new unused from the seller for $68 Australian

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by LeePaton

New I never should have got the other half cycling. Not the best but should do for her learning in.


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by Monkeyboy3333

Image Got caught in the UK downpours in this recent acquisition and performed well for a £35 jacket, wraps up small. Bit of a sweatbox once the rain stops though. On the whole perfect for my needs.

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by geraldatwork

I picked up a used set of 2012 Mavic Ksyrium SL wheels on ebay. Arrived yesterday. Got a pretty good deal I think as they look fairly new and the owner claimed only used for 3 months. Much better than the Bontgrager Race Lite anchors.
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by project3


by Weenie

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