latest WW project - Ti frame this time

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by 02GF74

just for a change, got a Ti frame bike - Lynskey frame rebadged as Cube.

Started off at 11.21 kg but that did include bar ends, bell and 2 bottle cages - wheels were over 2.0 kg. :shock:

Currently sits at 9.64 kg - target is 9.50 kg (replacing seatpost and chainset should do that, maybe stem too).

Have to admit I thought Ti frame would be lighter.

by Weenie

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by michel2

very nice, i doe really like these frames, they had a similiar setup as a road frame aswell, round tubes with wright style dropouts. doesnt get any better, have you weight the frame separately ?i think 9.5 kilo is quite nice for something that will last a life time ?

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by thisisnotaspoon

Nice bike! I really want to upgrade my hardtails to Ti when I've got some spare cash.

I always think Ti frames are a bit like BB7 brakes. They were not quite as good as the competition 10 years ago, but still seem to have cachet these days despite everything else moving on even further. Ti was the holy grail, aluminium frame weights with steel's 'feel'. These day's it's been superceeded by CFRP which can result in, lighter, stronger, stiffer and more comfortable frames. Still, since when has riding bikes arround in muddy circles been a logical pastime, I still want a singular Ti 29er more than I want a Scott Scale! Although if Trek is listening, a CFRP 29er XC bike with Domane style seatube and bolt through SID's please!

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by 02GF74

no idea what the frame on its own weighs but it would have been a lot of work to remove cranks, shifters, mechs, cranks etc and I guess I was not interested enough. :? I reckon it weighs more than an Al frame - my bianchi is at just under 8.9 kg - the main difference would be the forks and the additional wight of the remote shifter. I guess going to 2.1 rocket rons would save ~100g - probably do that once I've worn out the bi-colour tyres.

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