seatpost/saddle combo weight limit ?

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by artray

I weigh 83kg. Would it be safe to ride a carbon combo with a weight limit of 70kg? . I know it seems a silly question but I also know that you can push the boundary a bit .
To risky?

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by ave

If you lift your weight up for every bigger bump, you'll be safe.

But in the end it will fail when you'd need it the most.

by Weenie

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by nathanong87

why risk it? sure it could work 99.9% of the time, but that .1% is going to suck.

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by kulivontot

Save weight somewhere else or lose some yourself

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by legsrburnin

Do you like the feel of doctors pulling carbon out your butt with tweezers?


There's your answer!

Coming from an 80kg mtb rider who's destroyed 3 seatposts with 85kg limits by landing hard on the tail of my saddle.
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by artray

I was just asking if it was a risk or not . Its quite funny how worked up some of you have got .
Even a suggestion that I could be Fat :lol:
Thanks for the advice it is much appreciated and I will not risk pulling carbon out of my butt with tweezers
Cheers WW :thumbup:

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by krzysiekmz

You could use a combbination of a carbon saddle and seatpost that has a higher weigt limit. How about a custom seatpost/saddle combo?

Lots of options out there.

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by artray

Thanks krzysiekmz. I already have a light carbon post and carbon seat well under 200grms .I had the chance to get a AX combo that weighed 125grms but It had a weight limit and I wanted to find out if it would be safe or not .
I will not be taking a chance on the combo . :thumbup:

by Weenie

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