My Grand Canyon AL 29 8.9 Update

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by TashkentTerror

Hey nice bike :beerchug: Looks great in white/blue.
Had some creaking but it was the headset making the noise. Just needed some grease.
I would check the headset first for to make sure its not loose put some grase on and see what happens.

When it comes to the Formula RX brakes I have to say Im really pleased. Have a set on an old Lapierre X-control and they are as good now as when they were new.
The pads on the Formulas tend to run close to the rotor so care has to be taken when setting them up. Are both pistons retrackting? if so just align the caliper so the rub disappears.
Pads and rotors need bedding in. Just find a little hill and build up some speed, then brake to a gradual halt. Repeat a few times.
This removes glaze from the pads and transfers material from the pads onto the rotors. Some people like to clean the rotors with alcohol or break cleaner first.

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