Look 695 SR feedback wanted, please!

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by Chiho

Still in my frame search, and the Look 695 SR looks tempting. I called the rep and he recommended the SR over the softer version, as I would be racing it as a Cat 1. I am 70kg. Any thoughts? Roads are bad here, I don't want to get too beat up, but I don't want a noodle frame, either. My 1 minute power is only like 910w, so it isn't as if I am the most powerful sprinter around; probably above average for a Cat 1 and middle of the road for a domestic pro.

FWIW, I took the Dogma 2 out of consideration. Still looking at a Cannondale EVO, but the Look really isn't going to be too much more in the end....I know the EVO rides really nice, no chance to demo the 695.

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by SW

910 watts for a minute at 70kgs is off the charts :shock:

I'd say go with the SR. Haven't ridden the 695 but have been on different Looks - 586, 595 and 595 Ultra...I don't find the extra stiffness in the Ultra vs regular 595 to make it any less comfortable.

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by Chiho

Maybe it wasn't reading correct that day....considering my 10 minute power is 420 or so, yeah, that sounds high.....

Thanks for the feedback!

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by SW

Either way, I don't think you would regret getting the SR version...very nice bikes!

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by NiFTY

Get the SR. You can dial in a nicer ride with the seatpost elastomers and double taping the bars.
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by Steve_W

The roads here are rough, I personally had to install Easton ec90 bars to accommodate the really really stiff front end.
I'm running lightweight standards so this will also be a factor in the stiff ride.....if I'm really honest, if the normal version rode similar to the look 595 origin I had I would opt for that.
I'm 172ib....
It does take a bit of getting used to, it is the stiffest frame I've ever ridden, by far!

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by Wcl4

Not sure this helps, but I ride the non SR. With the soft elastomer it has a similar ride quality to my Dogma 2. Didnt like it with the normal red elastomer. Although I dont ride with your power, the BB pretty much laughs at me everytime I go out on it. Feels about as stiff if not stiffer than D2 to me, but that could be psychological.

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by shinyred

Had a 695SR Mondrian....sold it to make way for another 695SR Flag Edition in one size smaller. The SR is really stiff and transmits road feedback like it is, no masking or much absorption. Sometimes, my jaws cluck if fail to see and continue riding on the saddle across a section of bad road, so you have to lift your ass slightly off the saddle in these situations. That said, the HSC fork is very stiff and gives confidence in taking hard corners (considering i weigh a good 190lbs). As a comparison, I'm also riding a Storck Fascenario 0.7 which feels more plush overall but gives me little confidence when taking corners (gotta do it gingerly) which could be due to less stiff Stiletto fork.

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by luckypuncheur

The SR is by no means harsh and especially the frontend is not overly stiff (nevertheless stiff enough for high speed descending when weighing in around 165 lbs.) BB stiffness is top notch.
All in all the 695 is a jack of all trades in a positive sense - does everything reasonably well and has no weaknesses, but neither exceptional strengths. In case you have to pay full retail, Specialized and Cannondale imho offer more bang for the buck.
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