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by brt570

Hey there,

I really need help with a new Super Record 11 gruppo that is making a lot of noise. I recently switched from Force to SR, and the SR is LOUD. Like, kind-of-embarrassing because other people I ride with comment on how loud it is.

Here's the deal: the bike starts off quiet at first, but when I get the bike up to speed, the rear derailleur starts making a loud clattering sound with every pedal rotation. It almost sounds like there's a problem with cable tension, but I don't think that's the case. The shifting is clean, quiet and precise. It just makes a ton of chain noise.

I make sure to check cable tension before every ride and it's usually pretty quiet for the first 10 miles or 7-8 shifts, which ever comes first. But then suddenly the noise returns for no real apparent reason. But the really infuriating thing is when I put it up in the stand after a ride, I don't hear the noise.

I've checked derailleur height, derailleur alignment, cable tension, chain length, etc... and I can't find anything wrong. I've tried three different chain lubricants. I've taken it to my trusted mechanic and he can't find anything wrong with my build. I even drove an hour and a half to a Campy certified mechanic, and he couldn't find anything. He was able to recreate the noise when he took it for a ride, but was a little mystified why it was quiet in the stand.

If anyone has any solutions or suggestions I'd love to hear it, because Santo Tullio forgive me, I'm pretty close to just selling the SR gruppo and going back to SRAM.

My set up is: BMC Team Machine SLR01, Reynolds Assault wheels (hub rebuilt with Campy 11 speed axle and freehub), SR rear derailleur, Record 12-27 cassette, Chorus chain (all that was in stock).

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by jameskack

Have you tried swapping out the chain?

Check that the cassette is mounted correctly and the spacers are in the correct order?

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by dj97223

Sounds like your shift cable is sticking or getting caught up. Was it installed per the manual? Is it too short or is the bend on the bars too tight? Try to duplicate the problem in the stand by turning the bars far to one side. And check the loop behind the der to make sure it is the correct length.

It is unusual to check cable tension before each ride, so the problem could be user-induced. :beerchug: Generally just set it once and forget it.
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by bikerjulio

OP, you didn't say who did the build, and how experienced you/they are.

There have been quite a lot of threads over the last couple of years raising the cable routing issue. This would be my #1 choice. A simple test is just to disconnect it at the RD and pull it back and forward by hand from the shifter end and RD end. You should feel it moving nice and smoothly.

It does not sound like chain or cassette.

It's always worth checking RD hangar alignment too, but since you say the problem is intermittent, I'm going with poor cable routing and too much friction.
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