Recon cassette shifting

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by mrfish

Struggling to get my Recon Aluminium 10 speed cassette to shift properly. If the cable tension is set to shift up positively it won't go down and vice versa. Admittedly it was with a well-used DA chain, but there was no problem with skipping. I put in a new RD cable and i-link liner before trying it and the bike shifts my DA 10 cassette perfectly. It's odd as the cassette is a work of art, and has shift ramps, so I was hoping it would work fine.

Should I give it up as a bad job, or am I missing something simple?

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by artray

New Cassette, new chain. Thats the rule I follow.

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by btompkins0112

+1 the chain/cassette is one part to cassette begs for a new chain to work correctly.

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by kulivontot

Even with new cassette and chain, I can't get my recon cassette to shift properly. Shop mechanic spent about 30 min with two different chains before coming to the conclusion that it couldn't be fixed. Shifting down 1 cog needs two downshifts and an up shift. Up shifts work just fine. Maybe it's better with less friction cables/housing? :noidea:
My setup is ultegra 6700+ kmc x10sl chain.

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by artray

I used to use the Kmc SL chain and a recon cassette . no issues .Its a cable issue. Your tech man is obviously is out of his depth . Go somewhere else.

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by CarpetFibre

I hear a lot about these Recon AL cassettes having trouble shifting. Strange though, as my record 10spd one with a KMC X10SL works absolutely flawlessly, fastest and most faultless shifting I've ever had on a bike. This is also after many many miles on it.

OP, do you have your old Shimano cassette or a spare one around to see if that one works fine?

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by Kayrehn

Definitely not cassette problem, it works like any other cassette out there (just less durable)...

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by madcow

This is the problem we've seen before with Recon, they work great on some bikes and not very well on others. Seems to be a combination of all sorts of things including hanger length as well as how much slop is in the derailleur pivots. It's pretty unpredictable how it will work.

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by SDP

agree with madcow..i had two

one was fine ..& other was horrendous ..mixed & matched & very hit & miss

gone back to DA/SRAM red ..

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by grymg

I use an 11-28t Recon aluminum with my Di2 and it misses a downshift every once in a while but I like the weight savings. Tried kmc and shimano chains with the same result. I'll live.

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by jasoncd

I was warned off them by my LBS, but had no issues with my bike. Was running an 11-23 aluminum Recon with a mix of Rival/Force on my Lysnkey with a KMC chain and it shifted great. The concern from the LBS was more the longevity and potential to break of teeth on weight weenie cassettes, which isn't an issue for me. I'm light weight and pretty easy on my stuff.

I was happy to see that the cassette came in underweight though at 87g with included lock ring. And in summation, I guess that probably wasn't much help to you!

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by mgrennie

I noticed that mine is a bit sensitive to hanger alignment. I think for the price, you get the machining tolerances you pay for. I have zero problems when the hanger is aligned, and 1 or 2 gears slightly off when it's not. I have no regrets, but may try Red next. It has become my everyday cassette, so it is not bad.

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by Zigmeister

I'll bet dollars to donuts it is the cassette.

I had the exact same one I tried over a year ago. Nobody could get it shifting properly. Two mechanics I had try also just to ensure I wasn't going crazy.

Put a DA cassette on, shifted perfect.

Then, I contact the company I bought it from asking for an RMA and refund...their reply "Yeah, we hear that a lot with these cassettes. Some people have good luck and they work fine, the other half have issues."


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by HammerTime2

It may be, as folks are saying, a hit or miss proposition.

However, are you sure you have the 1 mm spacer (if needed) on there when using the Recon? Perhaps the spacer is stuck to the DA cassette and so is being used with it, but not with the Recon. Anyhow, it's one last thing to check before throwing in the towel.

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by kulivontot

Spacers were played with, yes.

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