3T Ergonova Pro 'stripes' - how to change?

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giant man
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by giant man

hi - does anyone know - or has changed - the white stripe on their Ergonova pro alloy stem and handlebars to a different colour?

It can't be that hard I guess, but what's the best - and most pro looking method? thanks ....

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by mrfish

Option 1: Remove with acetone. You may want to mask off the rest of the bar if you want to keep the lettering.

Option 2: Use white stripe as primer. Lay down two strips of masking tape to mask off rest of bar and spray paint it.

by Weenie

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by PSM

I taped the stem exept from the white stripe and removed the white paint with acetone. Looks good. :)

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by HarryS

Be careful with the acetone...Not only does it remove the white logos but it also dulls and wears the black base finish as well. Theres a greyish patch on my 3T stem that annoys the hell out of me because of this.

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