Did Cannondale lie?

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by artray

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Is this Cannondale admitting that the original Evo never weighed 695grms as advertised ?
I thought this Nano was supposed to be well under 700grms .

Johnny Rad
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by Johnny Rad

Maybe it's the same thing Scott did with the Foil versus the Addict.
Allegedly giving up a little weight for improvements in other areas?
Just a shot in the dark... (not shooting up anything from the fridge while Floyd was watching, it's just a figure of speech mind you)

by Weenie

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by limba

Plenty of people on this forum have the EVO. No frames were the claimed weight?

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by rambotan

I thought 695gr was the normalised weight of the frame as tested by the famed German testing facility?

Normalised as in adding and subtracting items to make all frames tested identically equipped for apples to apples comparison....

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by wasfast

I just weighed mine a couple weeks ago. It's the black/white model 54cm that came with Sram RED. It was 880g with the 2 bb bearings still in. Fork was an even 300g. This is the standard model, not the Ultimate.
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roca rule
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by roca rule

What size?

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by timzcat

Wow again with this arguement? :roll:

The claimed weight of 695g was made by TOUR Magazine and the weight was normalized for the test.
Cannondale never claimed the frame weighed 695 grams! They don't provide frame weights on their website.
They chose to use the information in advertising with an asterick to the weight referring you to the Tour test.

And for the record the weight was for a Cannondale Evo Ultimate, not any other Evo models.
And for the record a size 56cm Evo Ultimate frame weighs 728 grams. So the frame does weigh in within 5% :thumbup:

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by austke

* or not, I still think its wrong! But hey thats just me.
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by artray

The ad cannondale used to sell the evo was a great big 695grms in your face .
Now they are trying to sell a new bike/frame and expect us to believe there word again. Its about being honest up front not looking at the fine print or a one off special frame the designer has made for his wife.
Thats why I posted this thread so if by chance someone from cannondale looks at it he or she can see how let down you feel if you buy a bike that weighs 150/200 grms more than the in your face advert said it would . You can :roll: if you want but If nothing is said then we the buyers will keep getting ripped off.

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by timzcat

150 to 200? Again the advertisement is for the Ultimate not all Evos. That's like saying I bought an R5 and it is not as light as the R5CA. Not the same bikes.

I am willing to bet anyone who purchased the Evo Ultimate is not complaining about its weight. Anyone who has a regular Evo, if they are complaining, can't read or comprehend.

They advertise the CAAD 10 weight for the all black model specifically. Why does everyone read that footnote and not complain but can't understand the Evo advert?

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by artray

Timzcat you make a good point but the adverts could mention in the same size wording the real weight of the bike and it does not . Look at all the people who have bought the Evo and then have found it to be heavier than they thought . I understand you point but Cannondale should make the ad clear and simple.
Its a bit of sly advertising that fools a lot of people and its dishonest.

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by runningrunningjump

If this is the first time you've come across 'enhanced' marketing claims in your life, you've done very very well! Congratulations!

This subject has been going round and round for a while.

Of the people who have actually bought an evo, any evo, and have weighed them and spoken about them on here, they have all been very happy with their frames.

Those that don't have one, never plan to buy one and can't afford one, let alone the cost of an 2012 ultimate, or the forthcoming 2013 nano, seem rather put out by it all....

If a standard evo has been weighed at 760g and an evo ultimate at 715g there are very few other frames you could buy which can match these weights, maybe as few as 10-15.... Of how many frames available?

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That 710 could be with associated hardwear: hanger; water bottle bolts; and clamp.

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by G6612

I just got my 2013 SuperSix Evo Race and love it!! I think the ride quality is so good I am not upset if the frame is off by a few grams.

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by timzcat

Are there any other confirmed weights on this forum for the Ultimate?

As previously posted in my thread I weighted my 56cm at 815g on a Park Tool Scale which seems to be pretty accurate (the scale). At the time the rear hanger was on it and the assumed weight on this board for that hanger is 10g. The ceramic bottom bracket was installed and it's weight is not confirmed but can be estimated to be 70g which I have weighed a comparable SRAM PF30 at and 77g which has been reported elsewhere. Someone posted that a magazine weighed a 56cm in at 727g bare. (I am sure chain guard was still no it which is metal and probably 3-5g)
In conclusion subtract the items installed and you come up with anywhere from 728g to 735g for a 56cm Evo Ultimate that is just one of however many were made. When I do replace the bottom bracket I will be sure to weigh the old one.

by Weenie

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