Sub 6kg CAAD10 project (Pictures now on Page 2- now 6.3 kg)

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by SSB

If I want to make this a show bike, then I suppose my job would be easier. I could switch to Tufos, Recon cassettes, Tune Skyline cages for a reasonable price and I believe that would drop 300+ grams easily. My aim is to make something reliable and long-lasting, hence the heavy 6700 cassette and Arundel cages.

If I had the cash, tuned 2011 SRAM Red, AX Lightness stem/brakes, a Berk saddle/seatpost, Fiber-Lyte chainrings could drop another 300 grams or so. So it is possible to get to below 5.4kg (12 lbs) with such a frame.
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by SSB

After a long enough wait for the THM M3s due to a huge customs stuff-up, it was built up on Saturday. It weighed 6.18kg on the scales without bartape and including cages and pedals.

The Zipp 303 Firecrests are its Achilles heel- the set was 1,237g on my scales. A 1000g wheelset would bring it safely under 6 kg.

Pictures to follow Wednesday when I get a Retul fitting.
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by NiFTY

A 2012 Sram red 11-25 cassette is 142g on my scale without lockring - that is a hefty saving over ultegra. It will be no less durable than the ultegra cassette and grams/$ is far cheaper than looking at different cages, headset expanders etc.
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by SSB

Ack... This project ended up being slightly bittersweet. Didn't hit the sub-6kg target, but now I have a bike for everyday conditions, and light enough for the money I spent (hint, I spent less on the whole bike than what a barebones Supersix Evo w/ Red would have cost me without a wheel upgrade.)

I believe with the 3.4 clinchers, DA cassette, it should be just about 6.3kg. Not too shabby for an aluminum build, but I would have liked to hit my goal for the sake of bragging rights. With Zipp 303 tubulars and Ultegra cassette we were at 6.2kg.


The fit still needs to be confirmed- I'm a little bummed out about not slamming the stem, but this seems to be where my body should perform optimally.
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by SSB

Few more shots:


Surprisingly, the frame took 27mm tubulars without a sweat!



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by quattrings

Get an evo fork and trim excess steerer
Use Ti bolts all over
Extralite stem
Ultralight seatpost clamp
Loose the valve stem caps!!!

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by thisisatest

Seatpost clamp is relatively light. Unless its super-swanky carbon, youll not save much.
Agree on the fork- on mine (56cm), the weight savings was 90grams.

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by kevosinn

bad ass! love the look of this thing Custom carbon frames, bar/stem combos, repair and component tuning.

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by BobSantini

Dare I suggest it. You could flip the stem and remove 30-40g of steerer and spacers for $0.
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by record

yeah, change that stem from -17 to something like -6 and remove some spacers.
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by RichTheRoadie

Yes, you'd be able to lose about 10mm of spacers if you went to a -6º stem.

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by upside

Gorgeous bike... the Mavic reflex's in one of the pic's are those the ceramic rims and how do you like those.

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by cerro

Wow, M3crank and FMB 27mm tires :) But a more normal stem and a lot less spacers is a nice tips. Spacers under a -17° stem is never nice.
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