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by Splitlink

I'd be interested to hear your views on the ride when using Pace RC31's ...I'm building a Cannondale M1000 singlespeed and need forks, its fitted with 1" 1/8th headset so plenty of choice, I quite fancy the Pace set up instead of the Roxshock Judy's that were on it, but it's still an option to go with suspension. But another thing to consider is also if I should go disc front or not...but that means more expense with a new front wheel too...thoughts anyone? I'm trying to make this a budget build, so I realise it wont be mega light.


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by bm0p700f

Well this is weight weenies so the RC31 is good choice and keeping to v's is lighter. Sor a single speed build it sounds like a good plan.

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by TheRedMantra

I bought my RC31 in 2004, before they were even available in the U.S. I have ridden the shyte out of it on a singlespeed for years (disc brake). It is very light, but it is slightly flexy (under my 83kg). I notice some fore-aft flex when braking but it has never really bothered me. It still tracks well enough. I have ridden it as recently as two days ago on some rocky and rooty swampy trails. I inspect the fork for damage every so often and it has been fine. For XC it works well and has somewhat of an unobtainium factor. Plus they sell wicked cheap on eBay. Also, it has no lawyer tabs so wheel changes are a snap (and I have never lost the front wheel in 8 years of use).

If you want some other options look at the Trigon carbon fork. It is lighter, I presume stiffer, and they look fast. The Pace looks more industrial to me.

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by Bradley

Have had my RC31's for a couple of years now.The ride is very nice,nowhere near comparable to suspension of course but they do offer some minor give which is alittle more comfortable on the wrists.They are in my opinion still a very desirable fork,look superb,function even better i think they look a hell of alot nicer than the Trigons but that is just my opinion.

You may save a bit of money by sticking to a V-Brake up front but you'll have to get some clamp on V mounts for the RC31's.They do pop up on ebay now and then but i think these may still be available from Pace they tend to be good with holding some older bits.

Not to mention they are British which was another reason i was drawn towards them.

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