SRAM XX gripshift question

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by cwmak

Hello to all,

I just purchased the new XX gripshift and after installation I noticed that the left front shifter has some rotational movements prior to upshift.

It is roughly between 5-10mm of movement prior to the upshift.

Is this common?

If its not then is it possible to fix it?

Thanks for any insight

by Weenie

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by TheRookie

Not sure what you mean, it has to pull the cable to create a shift, also depending on the front mech setup you may have some slack cable it has to take up as well.

Where are you measuring the 5-10mm (and is it 5 or is it 10) a gripshift rotates so an angle would seem a better way of indicating what you mean.
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by Spinlikemad

The short answer is "no".
The instant you start twisting the front derailleur should start moving.

I have XX gripshift with a SRAM X9 front derailleur and the shifting is virtually instantaneous.

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by cwmak

Thanks for the replies and just to clarify, I am guessing (not good at figuring out angles) I can move shifter by 5 degrees before the front derailleur engages. If I put my thumb at a point on the handlebar and using a string to measure until where the FD moves then that is about 10mm.

The left shifter works but if this is not how it is suppose to be then I will just have to push for a replacement.

Thanks again.

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by grover

Is the shifter spinning a little on your handlebars? Make sure the shift clamp bolt is tight enough.

Is there any slack in the cable when you've got the chain on the little chainring/shifter in gear 1? If so, the movement at the shifter prior to the front derailleur moving is that slack being taken up and there is an error in your setup.

If the shifter is tight on the bar and not moving as a whole, and there is no slack in the cable when in the easiest gear then there is something wrong with the shifter.

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