New Giant Propel

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by kgt

The frame looks nice. The graphics are a little... boring.

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by Ryan94

The version I saw a few weeks ago had a much more bold paint job on it. (something Giant is working on).

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

And with 7900 on it too :noidea:

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by Ryan94

Anyone notice the aero one peice bar stem combo on the last photo in the velonews page?

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by daj

I think/hope it's still a prototype, it just looks like it's not finished yet, not very refined. The rear brakes don't match the rear stays; I think a traditional brake would look better, though it looks like it is not possible to mount one. It would be nice to see those new Shimano 2-point mount brakes on there. Cable routing seems sloppy, especially so for a (seemlingly) Di2-only frame.
Let's hope for some more interesting frame graphics as well!

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by Ryan94

That IS still an early version of the bike.

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by Ryan94

A few new pics of the upcoming Giant Propel aero road bike....


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by Horacio

Hard to believe they couldnt do something with those brake lines sticking out there in the wind.
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by SDP

be nice to see some info on this now...someone must be in the know...

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by 743power

Bike should be unveiled officially at the TDU.
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by Rev


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by duke249

a Giant road bike with a level top tube? :scared:

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by loudtiger

wow i actually really like the way that one looks...

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