Winter Project: Lightweight Climbing Bike

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by BurtonSpeedy

I am a climbing specialist that has aspirations of sub 56 on Mt Washington this year. I have decided to build up an “ultra-light” for this race as well as a few other uphill time trials that I will do this summer (Whiteface, Mt. Ascutney, Bolton Valley)
I wanted to get this groups opinion on my component spec, as well as answer a few of my questions.

Frame: Something in the 2.4 to to 2.8 lb range. Obviously the lighter the better, but price is more important here than weight. This bike will only be used in a few races so I can’t justify anything really expensive. Here is my list:
Cannondale CAAD4-5-6-7 (CAAD4’s can be picked up for around $300! 2.8lbs)
Trek OCLV 2.4lbs but ~ $800
Fuji Team 2.4 lbs $???

Fork: Reynolds Ouzo Pro (465g)
Front Brake: Cane Creek 200SL Caliper (125g)
Stem: Ritchey WCS (124g)
Bars: Ritchey WCS (225g)
Seatpost: Thompson (195g)
Saddle: Selle San Marco Aspide (160g)
Rear Derailleur: DA 9 speed (195g)
Chain: SRAM PC-99 (296g)
Right Brake/Shift Lever: DA 9speed (~215g)
Left Brake: I just need a hood on this as there will be no rear brake. Suggestions?

Now here is where I have most of my questions: Bottom Bracket, Cranks, and Chain Rings. I was thinking about saving some cash and just pulling my FSA carbon cranks off my road bike and putting them on this when I needed it. But then I thought I could save some weight and use track cranks instead. I will only have a need for a single chain ring with no font derailleur. Could I use track cranks with a single 30 tooth chain ring on the front? What would be the lightest crank setup for this bike? Almost all of the climbs have sections over 20%.

These will all come off my road bike for when I use this one
Pedals: DA SPD-SL (277g)
Cassette: DA 12-25 (172g)
Wheels: Zipp 404 (1283g) I would like the 303’s (1124g) but those might have to wait!

So what do you think? How light do you think I can get it with this component spec?


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by Cyco


In the quest to be light Thomsom posts are over engineered try, or

Schmolke can also help you with bars and Bold with squewers.

With the chain the 89 is lighter (has cut out side plates) unless you are getting the new hollow pin one.

As for track cranks - they wont fit a 30t ring, smallest is a 42t.


by Gerr

Topolino (total wheel weight 1390 !) But, lots of thick spokes watch out for the cross wind ! ... R=TPLNOSET
vectran enabled - SPINERGY Tillium Carbon
1500 wheels climb like a bat outa hell. (I use Spinergy xaero lites and they absorb shock so well I can inflate my vittoria open cx's to 137/145 and they go uphill like crazy without binding. (now if I can do anything about the engine !) ... TextMode=0


by JTC

Have a riding buddy who just got a Fuji. Pretty nice bike for the money. At 2.4 lbs its probably your best bet. You could loose at least 1/4 lb in the fork though. The Fuji frame should come with a nice light fork. If not go for the Easton EC fork or a Look HSC. You can usually find the HSC's on sale on the net.


by air9r

My recommendations...

Zipp 303's...all the stats I've seen say they are lighter., sells DA/Campy compatible carbon cranks on eBay for $175. I use them with Speedplay X-1 pedals and love them.

USE Alien carbon 250mm 27.2 seatpost 128 grams (about $100 eBay)

ITM "The Stem" w/ Easton EC-90 bars

Use a downtube shift lever for the big ring, not STI.

WRComposoti makes some light stuff. I ordered a fork out of the UK from LLyod's Cycles with no problems on a Visa Card.Part What I have.. Upgrade Difference

Frame 1098g TREK 120 1043g TREK 110 55g
898g Litespeed Ghisallo 145g
Fork 330g Stiletto Carbon? 508g TREK stndard carbon 178g*
Stem 100g ITM The Stem 1” 185g- Cinelli Ti 1”threaded 25g*
Bars 170g WR Composoti 160g Schmoltze 10g
Cassette 158g DA 12-23 123g Cycle Dynamics Ti 35g*
Chain 279g DA 237g Viking 42g
Crank 484g DA 175mm 420g Carbon 64g*
Wheels 1290g 560 fr 730 rear 1140g Zipp 303 150g
Pedals 150g SpeedplayX1Ti 320g LOOK PP-206 170g*
Bb 171g Syncros Ti 151g WR Composoti 20g
seatpost 128g USE Alien 250mm
saddle 148g Flite carbon 195g Flite Ti 47g*
brakeset 250g Crane Creek
tires 450g Conty Comp 19”
rear derailleur 190g DA FD-7700
fr derailleur 73g DA FD-7700
STI shifter R 230g?
Left shift dtube 20g
Left brake lever 75g Campy SR 53g Tech light 22g
Cage 45g
Headset 1” 94g Chris King 1” 113g DA 19g*

Without cables, bolts, skewers. * item I upgraded to.
6442g or lbs 14.20
1.0 pounds is 453.59 grams.

Convert different measurements


by Guest

How about the new Scott C1 Team Issue carbon frameset? 890 grams for frame, 300 or so for forks. Very nice, £1500 total though.


by Guest

FRM has also quite light stuff: BB 125g! ISIS Deda magic seatpost is light 165g/290mm and costs just 90€. For the cranckset: use a lightweight MTB cranckstel (FRM, tune, Storck - if you want to pay for it) and take just 1 chain ring with track bolts.

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