Rim vs. Tire Width

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by RollingGoat

Hello All,

I was talking to someone about road discs and what parts are out there for such a setup when the guy I was talking to pointed out that while a 29er rim is certainly the right diameter to fit a road tire, it would be far too wide. However, he admitted that he's never tried it (or talked to anybody who's tried) and personally I haven't either. So my question to you is this: What do you think is the widest rim that could fit a 23mm road tire? What about a 25mm tire?
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by sungod

25mm rim sounds way too wide for a 23mm tyre

this page has the etro chart...

http://www.schwalbetires.com/tech_info/ ... nsions#rim

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by HammerTime2

Ahh, that link does not address tubulars. Perhaps the rules are different for those. I don't believe "The inner diameter of the tire must match the rim bead seat diameter" applies to tubulars.

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by RollingGoat

Sorry I worded that poorly. I meant to ask what is the widest rim for a 23mm tire or a 25mm tire. I'll edit it to fix that.
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by jooo

A 25mm wide rim could be totally fine for narrow tyres depending on what the real tyre size is and what the inner width of the rim is.

On one end of the scale a nice large volume casing and a rim with a large traditional bead hook, they're likely to not be much wider than something like a HED C2 or A23 (maybe even similar to some of the carbon 'aero' wheels). on the other end of the scale, a small tyre casing and a ZTR style bead hook - suddenly things don't work too well.

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by virenque

With wide rims being the norm, and most, if not all pro-teams on 25mm tires. Does wheel/rim manufacturers have a minimum recommended tire width from a safety/performance standpoint?

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by Valbrona

European Tyre and Rim Technical Organization Standards Manual 2007, or see the section 'Which tyre fits which rim?' http://www.schwalbetires.com/tech_info/ ... nsions#rim

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by Devon

It entirely depends on the rim in question. Generally a rim will have the recommended tyre size(s) printed/labelled on it.
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