Anyone use one of these titanium bottle cages?

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by blantonator

I'd love king cage, but prefer this shape. Similar to the Arundel stainless.

Any good?


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by fa63

I have been using them on one of my bikes for a couple years now and haven't had any problems.

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by WeightySteve

One of mine snapped at the hole mount. (have the other spare still to this day)

Then bought a pair of Van Nichols Ti cages, one of them snapped mid tube. (have the other one of them spare too)

Now I use carbon cages.

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by xnavalav8r

NOTHING beats a King Cage!

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by stella-azzurra

Elite Ciussi Stainless Steel Bottle Cage
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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

I'm with Ted, King cages!

Even after managing to flip the mountain bike the bidons were still nice and secure (and leaking all over me :lol: )

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by thisisatest

King cages all the way.
We literally sold hundreds of king ti cages. ONE came back broken. Our jaws dropped, he got a new one right away. Pretty good track record imo.

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by wilson78

I've used them on my ti frame for some time. Had to swap one out after a couple of seasons when it snapped at the mounting point but other than that one issue can't fault them - they are light, look great and hold the bottle well.
Pretty sure that the King version makes a better product, but they are a fair bit more money and IIRC no lighter.
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by nspace

Another vote for King.

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by gabriel959

I had those on my old Ti bike. One snapped within six months. Sold the other one on the bay shortly after. Buy cheap buy twice.

I would get the King cages.

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by KB

I've used the Elite Ciussi's and they are excellent. I also have the King's for my next build.

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by fitty4

I have the same design but different brand that i bought on ebay. Very strong grip. I have been using them for six months and they still look new. I like the shape too and weight: 25 grams.
I decided that I wanted them after seeing them on this build: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=88160&start=75

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by WeightySteve

Thanks for this thread to the OP. I've just dumped my carbon cages and bought a pair of King Ti's on the strength of +ve comments here. Just fitted them Today and they are perfect.

Hassle free entry and exit, and when they are in the cage, no wobbles or signs of looseness.

Was never happy with Carbon cages on a Ti frame, now I've finally got the perfect cages for my frame.

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by Snicks

Yep, +1000000 for the king cages, never once have they failed me!

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by MajorMantra

You could just get the Arundels since you like the look. They've been nice on my Ti Van Nicholas.

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